Logistics for Salt Bowl announced

*Pre-game tickets are on sale now and will remain on sale into Game Day. Available at Saline County Big Red Stores. Ticket/T-Shirt on sale for $12.

*Game night walk up tickets will be available at the Stadium, $15 (ticket only).

*NO DISTRICT passes will be accepted. ONLY AAA passes will be accepted for admittance.

*Children under 5 years old will be admitted free.

*Bryant is the Visiting Team and will occupy the EAST side of the Stadium (Opposite side of the press box)

*ALL BRYANT supporters MUST enter the Stadium through Gate 1 or Gate 12 which are located on the East side (Big Parking lot side).  ALL who enter will walk through a metal detector.  Bryant supporters will NOT be allowed to walk around the Stadium to the Benton side.  Benton supporters will NOT be allowed to walk around the Stadium to our side.

*Please note the War Memorial Stadium CLEAR bag policy

*Tail gate party will begin in the vendor parking lot at 4 p.m. Free hot dogs and drinks will be available.

*Bryant Cheer, Dance and Band will park and unload at Gate 3 located in the Southeast corner of the Stadium.  Bryant Cheer and Dance will occupy the dressing room immediately to the Right after entering Gate 3.  Bryant Band will occupy the turnaround concourse area located immediately to the Left after entering Gate 3.

*Bryant Football will occupy the “Letterman’s Club” space as it’s dressing area.  Football will park in the Home Team gate area located on the North end of the Stadium in the West lot area

*Bryant Varsity Cheer, Dance, and Band will be “Live at 5” with Barry Brandt of KATV Ch. 7 at 5 p.m. on the East side of the Stadium next to the vendor lot 

*Youth Football, Youth Cheer, School Admin, School Board, BVC, BVD will report to the NORTH End Zone at 6:45 p.m. for pre-game festivities

*Saline Memorial will provide ambulance service

*WMS will provide MEMS support

*Bryant Coaches will occupy “visitor” booth on third floor of press box. Game Stream by Benton broadcast team will be DELAYED and broadcast through YouTube and available on the Bryant Public Schools website.

*RESERVED PARKING pass holders (purchased through the Chamber) can access off of Fair Park.

*War Memorial Stadium can be accessed off of Fair Park exit, University or Pine/Cedar exit

*Benton will provide Public Address.  Bryant will provide the chain gang.

*RESERVED SEATING (purchased through the Chamber) is located on the FIRST FLOOR of the press box

*V.I.P. wrist bands apply for access to the SECOND FLOOR of the press box.  

*District Admin and Mayor suites are located on the SECOND FLOOR of the press box.

*Bryant SRO is responsible for the Vendor lot during pre-game

*Bryant A.T. is responsible for the vendor lot during pre-game.

*Golf Course area will be OPEN for parking

*Bryant R.O.T.C. will execute with Benton R.O.T.C. the presentation of Colors at 7 p.m. Bryant R.O.T.C. will assume position on the game field at 6:50 p.m.

*Bryant Band will play the Bryant HS Alma Mater at 7:05 p.m. Bryant Band will join forces with the Benton Band during halftime performance.  

*Bryant youth participants will access the field using the Northeast ramp. Bryant Football will access the field during pregame using the Northeast ramp.  

*Bryant Varsity Cheer and Dance will perform during halftime.  

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