Mayor’s realignment plan reconsidered, passed

By Jamie Miller

The Boswell Municipal Complex was humming once again last night, regarding the[more] realignment that Mayor Jill Dabbs has proposed concerning the Public Works and Planning Community Development departments.

After weeks of deliberation about the issue, and many failed attempts at passing the realignment, the bill has passed.

According to City Clerk Heather Kizer, initially the realignment “will save the city $120,000 minimum.”

All components of the realignment passed including the job descriptions for Public Works Director, Planning and Community Development Director, Streets Superintendent, Community Development Manager and Chief Building Official. There were many resolutions connected with the bill and they all passed as well. The ordinance that created the Public Works and Planning and Community Development departments was repealed too, according to Kizer.

All members of the city council were present except for Alderman Chris Tipton. With the motion to approve the job descriptions for the Public Works Director, the Planning and Community Development Director, the Community Development Director, the Streets Superintendent and the Chief Building Official, the motion passed 5-4, with Mayor Dabbs exercising her to vote with a “yes” to pass the bill.

The motion to adopt a resolution regarding a classification and compensation plan for the city of Bryant Planning and Community Development Director passed 5-3, along with the compensation plan for the Public Works Director passed 5-3. The motion to adopt a resolution regarding the Community Development Manager passed 5-4 with the Mayor exercising her right to vote with a “yes” vote to pass the bill, and the compensation plan for the Streets Superintendent passed 5-3.

Finally, the motion to repeal the Ordinance No. 2007-17 creating the department of Community Development and Public Works was repealed with a vote of 5-3.

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