Miller joins other aldermen running for re-election

By Martin Couch

Alderman Brenda Miller has officially filed to run for re-election for her Ward 4, Position 1 spot on the Bryant City Council.[more]

"I would like to have the people elect me to represent them," Miller said. "What I am hearing from them, I want to be their voice on things. I am real excited to help with the opening of the new Bishop Park and to see that through to get it up and running. I've seen it come about from years back, since it's also in our Ward."

Miller has been serving on the Council since last year when she was selected to finish out the remaining term of the former Ward 4, Position 1 alderman, Robbie Young, who moved from the city.

"In our Ward, I've heard a lot of concerns about recycling and I would like to see a commission connected with the Chamber of Commerce or citizens to get more recycling going in the city,” she said. “That seems to really be a concern as well as the streets and their connectivity. I would like to be the people's voice. I have time to serve and I like being a public servant."

So far, other Bryant alderman along with Miller who have filed for re-election at the Saline County Clerk's office include Ward 1, Position 2 Alderman Danny Steele; Ward 3, Position 2 Alderman Adrian Henley; and Ward 4 and Position 2 Alderman Steve Gladden. Ward 2, Position 2 Alderman Chris Tipton announced his candidacy for re-election, but was not listed among those who have officially filed.

Bryant resident Mike Chandler has filed to run for Ward 2, Position 1, which is currently held by Alderman Ed Collins.

As previously reported by BryantDaily.comReese Holloway announced on his website and through an article he provided, that he will run for Ward 1, Position 2 Alderman against Steele, but he has not officially filed for candidacy, according to the most recent list from the County Clerk's office.

Bryant Mayor Larry Mitchell and Bryant City Clerk Brenda Cockerham also filed for re-election to their respective positions in the Bryant city government.

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