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I’m filing this under “Community”. It only affects sports in a roundabout way, because it affects the kids that play them.

I’m going to go vote today and I’m going to vote FOR the millage increase.

It’s because I’ve been through the high school on many occasions and know it needs to be overhauled. It needed to be overhauled when my son Ben was going there as a member of the Class of 2001. It needs it still as my daughter Kate approaches her graduation in 2011.

Geez, there’s buildings they’re using that are older than I am. That’s too dang old!

I’m voting for the millage because I trust the school superintendent Dr. Richard Abernathy. I trust him because I know him to be a man of integrity but also because I trust the folks that I voted for on the school board that hired him.

As many of you know, my wife Jan taught art at the high school for many years and now teaches at Bryant Elementary. Neither facility is a jewel box even though there are many precious gems inside them.

I understand that there are people that are against the millage because they’re retired, living on fixed incomes and they don’t have any children or grandchildren in the schools. Maintaining your standard of living is getting to be a more and more treacherous proposition these days.

But I also understand there are people that will say anything to get their way.

There are others that are just plain stingy or selfish or both.

Bryant is not going to stop growing. It’s not even going to slow down. My only request is that the school district build with foresight, with that growth in mind; plan for the growth more conscientiously that ever. And do it right the first time. Don’t let this be another case where, after the fact, mistakes in the building or planning have to be corrected later.

While I hope for a day when Bryant will have a sports arena like the one in Alma or Greenbrier or Van Buren or Conway or North Little Rock or Forrest City; and a new press box, nice chair back seats and artificial turf at the football stadium; new grandstands at the softball and baseball fields; a new band building; and so on — hey, Bryant Elementary School could use some work too, right dear? — I’m behind this now. Better facilities for classes at the high school are top priority.

Yes, I’m voting “yes.” And I invite you to do so, as well.


  1. I ditto Rob. I too trust our administration. What they have been able to accomplish while having the lowest milleage rate in the 7A is commendable. I am not for increased taxes but if you are going to have certain things like good schools you have to pay the price. There are tremendous advantages from a good school system and in the long run our entire community benefits. Steve

  2. Rob Roedel

    Bryant is a community that has experienced growth and advancement based on the excellent public school system.

    Parents of children in the community must step forward and support this milleage in order to allow the school system to continue to be one of the top in the state.

    The current administration is one of the top in Arkansas and are excellent stewards of the funds that are provided.

    This milleage will enable Bryant Public Schools to continue to be the envy of the state.

  3. David Riggins

    I give Abernathy and others credit. They are trying to get this passed during the worst economic period in over 60 years. Whether you support it or not, they have guts even to try to get this passed. On the other hand, to even try to get a tax passed during these tough economic times borders on fallacy, in my view.

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