New technology, software approved by Council at October meeting

By Jamie Miller

The regular city council meeting for October was loud and clear on Thursday night, since[more] the city installed a new sound system in the Boswell Municipal building. The upgrade came after an outdated system became difficult to hear.

Technology is on the rise within the city as well. From this point forward, any attendee to the meetings that has an iPhone or iPad will be able to visit and click on a link to follow along with the meeting agenda and click on interactive links to better understand agenda items.

"This takes us a step closer to a transparent city government," Mayor Jill Dabbs said.

Phillip Rye was nominated by Mayor Dabbs to become a member of the Planning Commission Ward 2. He was chosen as a result of his deep ties within the city. He is a local business owner and was raised in Bryant.

"What happens here matters to him," Mayor Dabbs said.

New accounting software has been adopted by the City. Software was chosen to take Bryant into the next 15-20 years. The city financial department is currently undergoing an audit and the main issue that is being brought up is the lack of security that the current program has. Maumelle and Conway currently use Springbrook and sing its praises. It is also used in most city governments throughout Texas. The current program that the City is using is from the year 2000 and has become outdated. The Council approved the new program.

It also approved an AMI Meter System that will cost the city approximately $2.2 million. The current meters are reading about 75 percent accuracy and the city is losing money with the old water meters. With the new system, the city is expected to recoup the initial costs in three to four years.

The November regular City Council meeting was moved to Tuesday, Nov. 20, due to Thanksgiving.

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