Newly elected city officials to be sworn in Saturday morning

By Martin Couch

First thing on Saturday morning, Jill Dabbs will be sworn in as the mayor of Bryant.

At 10 a.m. at City Hall, a small ceremony will be held with Dabbs being sworn in as well as new city clerk Heather Kizer and new aldermen Rob Roedel and Mike Chandler.

Their work[more] will start immediately.

"I am looking forward to working and I can't wait to get started," said Dabbs.

The new mayor inherits a lawsuit that was won by Ed Collins, who is now a former city alderman. The suit is being appealed by the city, with plans for negotiations with Collins and his neighbors to complete the construction of the area in their community that was harmed by the flood of 2008. 

"I expect to have a full plate on my first day," she said.

Dabbs will also be suggesting to the City Council a new police chief. Bryant's former chief Tony Coffman resigned from his job two weeks ago. Also, the hiring process looms for some of the other city positions like dispatcher and assistant water department personnel.

"There's not going to be as many changes as people think,” she stated.

Roedel will be replacing Ken Green on the City Council representing Ward 3. Chandler was elected to take the place of Collins, who vacated his seat during the elections. Chandler defeated three other candidates and won the race in a run-off election in November.


  1. Bryant Resident

    Soooo excited to have Mayor Dabbs take office tomorrow, she is exactly what the City of Bryant needs. We need a good and honest person as our mayor…someone who will be real with us citizens and not just a "yes man". Shes is a major upgrade!

  2. Marvin

    Well, looks like Coffman was right. Mark Kizer is the interim chief of police. Guess Coffman did the right thing so that Dabbs couldn’t fire him. Three years, 364 days left of this. Let the games begin.

    unbelievable act of disrespect to voters.

  3. Steve

    If she was so "real" she would not have tried to sue the city of bryant just to raise water rates.

    Only Mayor to file suit against the city they want to serve…what a upgrade.

    Or hire your best friends husband as Chief and pay him 80k a year…. what a upgrade.

    Actually sounds alot like what we had in the past that she was complaining about dont it?

    I see you dont hold your standards high there Bryant resident…. cause it dont take much to be a upgrade ???????

  4. L.J.

    "Bryant resident" above seems quite naive. Regarding honesty, it’s quite ironic that Mrs. Dabbs has had complaints filed regarding her misuse of campaign funds. Then, to say it was an oversight is ironic as well. She had to have addressed that transaction twice, so it seems as though she would have caught the so called "error" at that time.

    I am always leary of politicians who do not run on their REAL experience and knowledge, but rather on a "platform". Those running on a "platform" usually use accusations, false innuendos and other tactics such as use of the "party card". I’m glad to see that there are quite a few of you out there who are now "getting it". And her use of the word "transparency" is a mockery of the word! She has close political allies who use "seek and destroy" or "war games" tactics to get what they want. It’s a shame our great community is being used as a way for some to "get even".

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