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I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks! Every month, the visits to our site have increased but, in July, we made a big jump that’s very encouraging and, hopefully, appealing to advertisers.

In June, we had 14,775 unique views (pretty much what people term “hits”) and 19,271 page views. In July, the number of unique views bumped up to 23,254 and page views to 30,655.[more]

That’s pretty awesome and I can’t thank you enough.

With the addition of Lana Clifton providing news coverage and the start of school (with all the fall sports — football, cross country, volleyball, golf and tennis) — there’s every reason to believe that growth in readership will continue. More and more are logging on to the site.

We’ll keep trying our best to keep fresh, interesting, readable information on the site. Don’t forget to give us your feedback through the comments after each story. And check the index on the left plus Previous pages at the bottom of each page for recent stories that may have moved off the front page of the site quickly. Better yet, just make your home page and check it every day.

If you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me at

Go, Hornets!

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