You know those folks that say they don’t want to say something then they add a “but” and they go ahead and do it anyway? Well, that’s what I’m about to do.I don’t want to load you down with numbers but . . .

Just wanted to post an update to let you know that the site, now in its 15th month, has surpassed the 1 million impressions level (1,148,559 at this writing).

Thank you, readers![more]

In our first year, Feb. 2009 to Feb. 2010, there were 108,798 visits and 298,395 page views from 33,893 unique visitors including 84,431 visits from 167 cities in the state.

This year, we have been ahead of last year’s pace so far.In April 2009, the numbers were 7,851 visits, 23,270 page views, 2,554 unique visitors.

In comparison, in April 2010, there were 13,335 visits, 37,587 pageviews, 4,808 unique visitors.

And based on last year’s numbers, we are just now entering the best months (May to November).

All of which is to say that now would be a great time to advertise on Call me at 350-7898 or 847-0850. Or email


  1. Sam Chaloner

    This is a very good site Rob. I have had the honor to be able to assist you, though in a very small manner, over the last two years. If you need anything just ask.

  2. Cindy Alpe

    Congratulations Rob!!!!!!! Love, love, love!!!! I check several times a day to keep up with what’s going on in Bryant!!!

  3. Brett Jones

    Its a great site and every town should be so lucky as to have a Bryant Daily. Good job and hope you keep it up.

  4. Ronnie Mayall

    Rob, great site and enjoy reading about Bryant news and sports. Anything that you want to know about Bryant can be found here. Good luck with the site! GO HORNETS!!!

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