Pikewood subdivision undergoes drainage study

By Martin Couch

Replats of the two lots in the Pikewood subdivision had to have a drainage impact study done before the Bryant Planning Commission would consider[more] a request made by Jacob Gillip.

Gillip had the analysis done by the last commission meeting for his request to replat lots 20 and 21 in Pikewood Subdivision No. 2 into lots 20R and 21R. The current zoning is RX- residential mixed use and is located on the corner of Lavern Drive and Center Street.

"I have analyzed the foreseeable drainage impact on the municipal drainage basin that drains to the ditch at the end of the east edge of Lots 20 and 21 of Pikewood subdivision No. 2,"

Gillip said in a letter to the commission. Gillip had three pages of run-off calculations, a run-off coefficient analysis done that graphically and numerically depicts the existing and proposed site run-off conditions, and a drainage basin analysis which depicts drainage basin layout and shows drainage basin land use characteristics.

Commission member Louis Kealer asked Gillip if the problem had been addressed, whereas Gillip answered, "Yes, it has."

And commissioner Fred Foster asked again if the water would "go away from Carywood?"

City engineer Richard Penn stated that it would not increase the flow of stormwater.

"This has been DRC recommended," Planning chairman Lance Penfield said.

The commission passed their recommendation on to the Bryant City Council for further review.

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