Planners consider variety of rezoning requests

By Martin Couch

In October, the Bryant City Planning Commission held a public hearing about property, which was requested to be rezoned from residential and single family to highway commercial by JONCON, Inc. at 507 Boone Road.

"I have a customer who wants to put a business in that location," property owner Robert Jones said.

In response, Commissioner Fred Foster asked if there'd be any other entrance into the property.[more]

"There is only one existing entrance onto the property at Boone Road on the west side of the property," Jones said.

No one in the audience came forth to discuss the issue and with a roll call vote, the Commission recommended that the Bryant City Council approve rezoning the property at 507 Boone Road by a unanimous 8-0 vote.

In addition, Rick Taylor of Harris Taylor Co., LLC, requested to rezone property to highway commercial from residental mixed use. The issue, which was tabled in the Commission's September meeting, was brought to a public hearing in October.

"There were several citizens at the last Planning Commission meeting who spoke and the reason for extending the Public Hearing to this evening was because all residents within 300 feet of the property had not received their letters of notification which is required," Commission chairman Lance Penfield said.

Taylor asked if the issue could be tabled again until the November meeting so to develop a plan for the property's use. It could as agreed by the Commission, but there was no motion made to table it however.

"It could be, but the development of that plan is not part of the rezoning application," said Commissioner LaVenia Jones. "It is strictly for rezoning the property."

Commissioner Jim Erwin stated that based on a letter from Jim von Tugeln, planning consultant, "this would be considered spot zoning, which is not encouraged."

There were no public opinions about the issue at the October meeting and, by roll call vote to recommended that the City Council approve rezoning the property located at 2509 West Meadowbrook, it unanimously failed.

"The reason behind the vote failing to pass is due to it being considered spot zoning," Penfield said.

The Commission approved to recommend Mike Bolin's rezoning request on property located at the east portion of Springhill Village subdivision connecting to Miller Road to R-1S (Single Family) from R-2 (Single Family).

"This property is located east of Phase 1 of Springhill Village subdivision which is between Hilldale and Hilltop Road on the east side of Springhill Road," Bolin said. "Phase 1 was developed prior to this property being annexed into the city and it was developed as an R-1.S subdivision. This additional property will give us access to Miller Road."

A roll call vote also passed for the rezoning of property located at 9415 Highway 5 to highway commercial by a request from Paxton Singleton on behalf of the property owners.

The Commission also approved the construction plans for North Bryant Baptist Church; to approve the replat of lots 92 and 93 in King's Crossing subdivision Phase 3; to approve the final plat for Dollar General located at 9415 Highway 5 north; and approved the preliminary plat for Hickory Hill and Stonehill subdivisions. It also approved a revision to rezone the map for Springhill Village Phase 1.

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