Plans for new fire stations under consideration

By Bridget Bauer

Now that the bond issue has passed and the Bryant Fire Department has been given the go ahead to build two new fire stations, plans are being initiated to get the construction started.

“We are very excited and weren’t surprised,” Michael Mullins, president of the Bryant Professional Firefighters 4606, said. “Once we got out there and let people know what was going on, most of them were for it. Few were opposed.”

Of the 336 people who voted, 238 voted for the proposal and 98 against. Now that the issue passed, Chief J.P. Jordan can get the ball rolling for the two new fire stations. recently asked some questions for Chief Jordan by e-mail, and here are his responses:

1.    Do you have blueprints already in place?

We have begun working with an architect but detailed plans have not been fully developed yet.

2.    What is the timetable and progression for beginning of construction and completion?

I am going to say that we and the architects will begin soon on getting the documents and plans ready so a contractor can be selected.

3.    What new features will the new stations have?

The new stations will be so different than the old ones. There will be more living space for sure compared to the residential mobile homes being used now. The apparatus bays will be drive through.  There will be an area where the firefighters can conduct physical training and workout to stay physically fit and healthy.  These new stations will be much more comfortable for the firefighters who stay there 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.  These new stations will also be built in anticipation for the growth of both Bryant and the fire department in the years to come.

4.    Can you give me the exact locations of new stations?

Station 3 is currently located off Stillman Loop at 2222 Justus Loop.  It will be relocated to property the fire department bought years ago near the intersection of Springhill and Hilldale.  Station 2 which is currently located at 200 SW 3rd next to City Hall will either remain there and the old one removed or relocated across Reynolds Rd onto the Saline County Municipal Airport.  Currently the feasibility of doing that is being examined. A determination as to the location of Station 2 will be made soon.

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