Police asking public for help identifying burglar caught on camera

Bryant Police are asking for your help in identifying a suspect that burglarized the Subway[more] store at the Alcoa Exchange this past Friday night.
Bryant Police were called to the Alcoa Exchange Subway store late Friday night for an alarm call.

When officers arrived on scene they saw that the drive thru window was busted out. Upon further investigation, after the store manager arrived on scene, it appeared that a suspect had busted the window and made entry into the store, stealing the cash register. Officers were able to view the store video and that shows a black male wearing a large black coat and a red ski cap break the window with a rock. The suspect then climbed through the window grabbed the cash register drawer and climbed back out and fled the scene.

If anyone has any information regarding this incident they are asked to notify the Bryant Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at (501) 943-0943. 

To view the video, go here.

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