Policeman of the Week: Corporal Nick Ramsey

Corp. Nick Ramsey

By Martin Couch

Back in his high school days at Bryant, Corporal Nick Ramsey had an idea that he wanted to be in law enforcement.

A 1997 graduate of Bryant High School, Ramsey was inspired to be a police officer by watching his father Tom work as a Benton policeman.

"I've lived here since I was 8 years old and my father was a police officer and in the military," he said. "That was something I always caught on to and enjoyed. I did ride-alongs with him when I was younger and when I turned 18, I worked at the county jail."

Ramsey has been a Bryant police officer since 2002, but during his tenure he took off a year to go overseas.[more]

"I left and went overseas as a contractor to train Afghan police and came back over here in 2009," he said. "It was a very interesting and different experience over there. I was working for two weeks over there before I started getting shot at and coming up on road-side bombs, but overall it was good and I enjoyed it."

Ramsey came back to Bryant and resumed his regular duties as a patrolman.

"It's a good atmosphere here," he said.

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