Policeman of the Week: Cpl. Michael Maxheimer

Cpl. Michael Maxheimer

By Martin Couch

Bryant Cpl. Michael Maxheimer got started in law enforcement as a reserve officer for the city of Benton in 1990.

For five years, Maxheimer was a reserve officer then came to Bryant in 1995.

"I came over here as a reserve and became part-time in 2000," he said. "During that time I was working at Lucent Technologies plant and did more than 30 years there before I retired. From there I just decided to go and do it then a full time opening came up and I decided to take it."

Maxheimer had friends who were police officers in Little Rock and in Saline County, who inspired him to go for a new career.[more]

"I went on the road with them and I thought, man, I'd like to do that one of these days, and that inspired me to become a police officer," he said. "It's exciting and I get to help people and I'm the type of person who likes to help people."

In 2004, Maxheimer became a full-time police officer for the city of Bryant.

"I've enjoyed the time I've been here," he said. "I think that the city is out-growing itself and down the road we're going to need some more officers."

There have been instances where Maxheimer has been pleased to be an officer.

"When you see the homeless people walking down the road," he said. "I try to take them to the county line and give them a little something extra to get something to eat and get what they need to go on their way."

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