Policeman of the Week: Sgt. Jimmy Long

Sgt. Jimmy Long

By Martin Couch

Sgt. Jimmy Long began his law enforcement career in 1994 with the Saline County Sheriff's office.

"I worked there for nine years then came to Bryant and I've been here ever since," Long said. "When I was a kid, I met some officers and thought they were really neat people and good guys. I got interested in what they were doing and followed up on it."

Long came to Bryant in 2003.

"Unfortunately, the police department hasn't been able to keep up with the city," Long said. "The city is booming and we're seeing all kinds of different people moving in."[more]

However, the protection that he and his fellow policemen officers have provided the citizens of Bryant is second to none.

"When I was an investigator, I mainly worked crimes against children when they were sexually abused or abused by physical violence," Long said. "I got a good feeling when I could see them get through the courts and benefit from the recovery process, but most of all, I like to make sure they are safe."

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