Policeman of the Week: Sgt. Shawn Fullington

Sgt. Shawn FullingtonBy Martin Couch

Shawn Fullington remembered what it was like seeing his family members become police officers and, by the time he was 21, his interest was sparked in serving his community.

A friend of his, Arkansas State Trooper Don Brown, talked with him about becoming involved as a police officer, so Fullington joined the Saline County Sheriff's Department as a reserve deputy.

"When I was younger I had some relatives that worked in another state as officers and remembered seeing them," Fullington said. "As a kid, I really didn't think about it much until I was 21 and that's when I made friends with a state trooper. He sparked that interest and got me into it."

Fullington has been with the Bryant Police Department since January of 2001.[more]

"I like this job because of the different things you come across from day to day," Fullington said. "Bryant is a growing city and the police department has grown along with it. I like being a part of that and it's interesting to see where it goes."

With his day to day patrol, Sgt. Fullington can't pinpoint one specific instance that makes him happy to be a policeman, instead it's more of those daily activities that have him pleased to be working his life's calling.

"Really what does it for me is the time when we really get to help somebody and get a thank you from them," he said. "When they give that back, it makes all the bad things we deal with worth it. We like for someone to say thank you once in a while."

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