Proposed tax voted down; Hollis reinstated


A special Bryant City Council meeting was called last Thursday night Jan. 5, to discuss some[more] pending taxes and other issues dealing with the City of Bryant.

The five percent Alcohol Tax was first proposed a few months back but when it was voted on Thursday night, it failed. Alderman Steve Gladden made a motion to adopt the proposed tax with Alderman Mike Chandler seconding the motion. A roll call vote was then taken. Gladden, Chandler, and Scott Curtis voted in favor of the tax with Aldermen Rob Roedel, Andrian Henley, Brenda Miller, Danny Steele, and Chris Tipton voting against it.

Another topic of discussion was the Police Fleet Plan to provide a new fleet of patrol cars for the department. It was tabled once again but Gladden requested that it be placed on the agenda for the Finance and Personnel meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 10.

Bryant Finance Director Gary Hollis found himself to be a topic of discussion at the special meeting as well. According to City Clerk Heather Kizer, Hollis signed a letter of resignation and later changed his mind. Before the meeting began, an Executive Session was held for Mayor Jill Dabbs and the Council to discuss the issue. By law, the council is not allowed to discuss anything that was talked about in the Executive Session.

However, once the session was completed, according to Kizer, Miller stated on behalf of the entire council that there were findings of a forced resignation and, as a result, she made the motion to have Hollis be reinstated as City of Bryant Director of Finance with full benefits and no hostile working condition. The Council voted unanimously in favor of the motion and Hollis returned to work the following day.

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