Sardis United Methodist Church program receives donation from Milligan

Saline County Circuit Clerk Dennis Milligan gave the Sardis United Methodist Church's Gals At Sardis (GAS) program $250 as part of[more] his pledge to give part of his salary to good causes in the county. GAS provides free haircuts, schools supplies, shoes and clothing to students in Bryant, Bauxite and Sheridan school districts. GAS is part of the church's "Dare to Share" program.

Last year, GAS helped more than 300 families that otherwise would have found it difficult to get their children ready for school. GAS is trying to expand to include dental and health services to children. Shown above are (from left to right) GAS Coordinator Jenny Stiedle, Milligan and Deputy Circuit Clerk Renee Bowerman. Others wanting to volunteer or make donations to GAS should call (501) 838-4309.


  1. Peter

    I bet that huge check cost more than the donation he gave. This is just a public stunt to try and make him feel better about himself. IF he truly was a good guy he would not have fired four employees without working with them first. This guy is trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes and buy some votes. What a lously political stunt… he should just go to work and do what he was elected to do. IF he wants to donate money then he should do it privatly and quit trying to play the press to sway people. Guess he likes to stroke his own ego though.

  2. L.J.

    He and Dabbs are cut from the same narcissitic mold and will look for anyway to self-promote. I prefer to remain anonymous when giving donations to organizations. If the intentions are right, then you don’t feel the need to publicize your donations.

  3. dennis milligan

    I would like to comment to LJ and Peter. My contributions to my community are apart of my campaign promise. I’m not trying to buy any votes at all. My efforts in helping my community are apart of my overall plan to help fund different entities that need help.

    Are you going to tell me that the 8 scholarships that I am funding for our 4 high schools (2 each) $500.00 are grandstanding. I would think you would need to talk with the high schools and if they think that this is buying votes then have them call me and I will cancel my vow to provide these to deserving students in the spring.

    My promise is that I would allow the media to document these contributions as a part of insuring that this was not some empty campagin promise.

    Now if there is any agency or entity that I have helped or will help you call them and if they would like to give the funding back I will acknowledge to the public that because of your comments they are being credited with giving the money back because I am buying votes or just trying to grandstand.

    I am awaiting your decision friends.

    Dennis Milligan

  4. L.J.

    Mr. Milligan,

    As a public servant I appreciate your responding so I can get information directly from you. Was this money left over money from the campaign or from your own pocket?

    I would also appreciate your response to a second question: When you state "My promise was that I would allow the media to document these contributions as a part of insurance that this was not some empty campaign promise?" Question: Why would there be concern that this was an "empty CAMPAIGN promise", if it was not done as part of a campaign? These seem to be two opposing trains of thought, so clarification would be helpful.

    I applaud anyone who makes donations to charitable causes. I just feel strongly that personal donations should remain anonymous and on the personal level. Now, if you are using leftover campaign funds, then I do think it wise to show that you are honoring your pledge. There’s a difference between the two types of donations….I feel one should be disclosed and the other not. Once you publicize your personal donations, you automatically put it into the realm of public scrutiny, because most folks don’t try to publicize their donations.

    Just as the subject seemed to touch a raw nerve with you, it also touches a raw nerve for those who keep their private contributions private.

    Hope to hear back from you regarding my questions. I don’t, and I am sure Peter, doesn’t want any money returned. Not only would it hurt the charity, but it would have a negative effect for you as well. Just some clarification would be appreciated. Thank you.

  5. joe

    No one wants money returned, but I guess the point I would like to make, is would you be so willing to give to these causes, if your name was anonymous, and if you didn’t get a photograph posted in newspapers?

    You may not feel you are buying votes, BUT it is apparent to some, that you are PAYING for those votes you won by making those promises.

  6. All I can ask is: DOES IT EVER STOP? All I can do is read these comments with utter incredulity. Just how perfect does a man have to be in your world, gentlemen? Is there anything that Dennis Milligan could say or do that would meet with your approval? Or are you that determined to slam the man?

    The man runs for office, and ejects a malcontent who hired a CONVICTED FELON to work in a circuit clerk’s office. Where were your complaints then, gentlemen? Milligan has done a remarkable job and has won the praise of many within the Circuit Court system for what he has done. Doug Kidd handed over $800,000 of the recorder fund to a lame-duck Quorum Court as a final slap to Milligan for removing him from office. What has Milligan done? He has donated a portion of his salary to various charities to give back to the community, and YOU are criticizing him as performing a stunt! Unbelievable!

    You don’t even exclude Mayor Dabbs from your vitriole. Doing something good is "stroking your own ego"? What is running for office, gentlemen? What is campaigning and putting your name on signs, asking people to vote for you? Does public service ever occur to ANY of the three of you? Did it occur to any of you that the photo op brings attention to the CHARITY, and not just to the man giving the donation?

    You would leave me speechless with these idiotic comments, except for the fact that anyone who knows me knows I’m anything but speechless. All of you are in need of counselling. The one thing that really frightens me is….YOU VOTE.

  7. joe

    I guess what sticks in my craw, is he never brought attention to these charities, till he needed votes. I am not criticizing anyone for charitable donations, I am criticizing the need to make an announcement when something good is done. He cheapens the process of giving when he has to politicize it.

    Just like Mayor Dabbs cheapens the process of local, non-partisan politics by politicizing it.

    Are you their watchdog ricky? Do they call you when they can’t spin something on their own? You always seem to surface when they need a little grunt work.

    The sad thing is, I voted for both of them….that is what frightens me, and a lot of other reasonable people did too. Hook, line, sinker……

  8. L.J.

    Oh my, RD Tripp this is the first I’ve seen you on this blog. It’s quite apparent Mr. Milligan "called in the tribe" (using one of your favorite terms here just to make you feel at home). The problem is that most people who read your comments on run the other way. Instead of helping your cause, you most often hurt your cause. And don’t try to play the old "tribe" card on me because I’m not a member of any tribe, unless it is one formed in favor of honest government. And yes, you are correct, there ARE a lot of very upset people in Bryant, and rightfully so.

    Don’t you think it’s time to move on from your use of the word "VITRIOL" (correct spelling), and learn a new "buzz word of the day". You’re about to wear that term out…or at least learn to spell it correctly. Your use of the terms "tribe, tribalist, vitriol(e)" are about to get stale. Maybe you should purchase a new "word of the day" book.

    Regarding Mr. Milligan’s charitable contributions, I still feel personal contributions should remain on the personal level, which also keeps them private and away from public scrutiny. He can choose to publicize them or not, but when he does it opens the door for folks to wonder if there is a motive.

    Quorum court remarks…..hmmmm, I thought you have friends on the Quorum Court. Family falling out going on between you?

  9. You single-named and "initials only" individuals really need to get a grip. When you can turn a charitable donation into a political ploy, you’re way over the top of the mountain.

    I get it. You’re political opponents of Mayor Jill Dabbs and Circuit Clerk Dennis Milligan. You got outnumbered in November. Your candidates lost. Get over it. Dennis Milligan is doing a great job as Circuit Clerk and he’s going to go on doing a great job. He will continue to make donations of a portion of his salary as a give-back to the people of Saline County, and there is nothing any of you can do about it.

    Jill Dabbs is Mayor of Bryant. That means that for the next four years, she is the boss. She will run the city HER way, and she will not be checking in with anyone when she makes personnel decisions to see if the county tribe likes it. I checked the Arkansas code, and kissing the rings of local power brokers and prominent Democrats is NOT on the list, gentlemen.

    Stop them if you can, but trust me, they don’t need anyone defending them, inasmuch as unlike former Mayor Larry Mitchell and former Circuit Clerk Doug Kidd, they haven’t done anything wrong to defend. The voters prevailed this time. They aren’t upset, YOU are. Once more, GET OVER IT. YOU LOST THE ELECTION.

    As for you, L.J. (or should I say E.C? Or J.W.? The list goes on…), try a little harder to be clever. Yawn. I’m not impressed. Plenty of people run the other way on, but not for the reasons you’ve suggested. Like you, it’s mostly when they run out of steam.

    Keep the comments coming. Sometimes I need something stronger than melatonin to put me to sleep.

  10. L.J.

    RD Tripp:

    You remind me of one of my favorite quotes by Mark Twain:
    "Noise proves nothing. Often a hen who has merely laid an egg cackles as if she laid an asteroid".

    You are so proud that you are cackling because you think you’ve laid a "golden egg" with the election of Dabbs and Milligan. But it’s not supposed to be about winning…but about good government. Somewhere your little group (Daddy War Games and the gang) got so tangled up in winning at all costs, that you forgot that IT’S ABOUT GOOD GOVERNMENT. You act like government is a war game and will do whatever it takes to win at all costs. There’s the puppetmaster, Daddy War Games, who works to place his chosen few. Of course, he stays in the background so that if and when his candidates fail he does not become exposed (but really he already has been). Then there are the puppets. And then there’s the jester, you, who is called in to do the dirty work.

    The reason I don’t take you seriously is because all your comments are strictly along party lines. Do you ever have a thought go through your head that is not along party lines? Some of us, me included, are independents and are very independent minded. My only concern is for good government, so stop trying to lump everyone into a "tribe". I see you used that word again in your message….you haven’t had time to purchase a new ‘word of the day’ book as I suggested?

    Evidently you don’t believe in a democracy? The citizens of Bryant elected their aldermen, not just a mayor. She did not win by a landslide by any means. She is an ex-officio member of the council and only votes to break a tie. So, how democratic is it when they all discuss issues independently and vote, only to have her total disregard for the checks and balances that have been put into place over many, many years. This is a democracy, not a "kingdom"….oh excuse me, my mistake, because at this time she has tried to keep it from being a democracy. So really, that is only what it is SUPPOSED TO BE. Good government is when EVERYONE elected to serve is given that opportunity.

    So, RDT, until you have something to say that does not follow party lines 100 percent, and until you respect the right of the citizens to have a voice also, then I will consider you simply like the hen who makes a lot of noise.

    If you would spend time at a job, or out in public places, instead of acting like someone who needs medication because you are so wrapped up in party politics, then you might be more aware of the number of people who are upset with Dabbs. I went to dinner in Little Rock last night and was surprised that someone who lives and works in Little Rock, had commented about Dabbs and the destruction she is causing to Bryant. So you see, the word gets around and people are upset.

    By the way, I noticed in the Courier today that Shane Knight has a new title? Dabbs moved him to a ‘director’ now (Public works/Public Information Director)? Now what in the world are his qualifications as director in the Public Works department? No certifications, no engineering degree, etc. etc. You call that good judgment on her part? No, it’s called making a position for a political friend. When Milligan couldn’t get the salary for him, Dabbs hired him and has made a position for him.

    SO YOU THINK THAT IS GOOD GOVERNMENT? I would like to hear an answer regarding this ONE question. Directly, yes or no to good government. No rambling please, just an answer about good government. Please no references to tribes and all that garbage…it just doesn’t apply! Are you able to answer the question without a lot of rantings about Mitchell and Kidd?

  11. Jennifer

    Negative politics aside: our group would like to thank Dennis Milligan for contributing to our community back to school program. His donation will help us supply saline county students with clothes, shoes, school supplies,a free meal and personal hygiene products. Dare to Share will be held at Sardis United Methodist Church on AUgust the 7th & 8th. If you or your business would like to help, we are accepting any new or gently used shoes and clothes, hot dogs and buns, basic school supplies, toothbrushes and toothpaste, deodorant , bags and money. Please contact the church office @ 501-602-2129. And thanks again for helping us Dennis!

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