School Board honors newly certified teachers, gets good news in construction update

By Jamie Miller

Five more teachers in the Bryant School District have earned National Board Certification and were[more] honored for their diligence Monday night at the April School Board. The teachers recognized were, Laura Eriksen, Dolly Gillett, Lindsey Hartsell, Statia Smith and Emily Williams.

It was reported that all of the construction throughout the district is still on schedule. The new high school building is having the finishing touches put on it and will be complete, according to construction manager Richard Stipe, right in time for the coming school year.

Hill Farm Elementary is on track as well with the plumbing and electrical work complete underground and all of the concrete slabs are finished.

The Board also approved the purchase of furniture for both new school buildings. A bid was sent out by the district a few weeks ago and, after reviewing the bids, Hill Farm will be furnished for $347,227.15 and the high school building will be furnished for $630,746.02. $1.2 million was budgeted for the furniture so after sales tax is added to the total of $977,973.17, the district is under budget. The furniture in the new buildings will be more module and conducive for group learning.

In addition, the Board acknowledged that Bryant High School’s bid to host the Class 7A State softball tournament May 10-12 was accepted. The Arkansas Activities Association made the official announcement in February. The Lady Hornets have won the tournament the past two years and are undefeated this season.

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