School board makes decisions on proposals, projects

By Jamie Miller

The Bryant School Board met for a brief meeting at Tuesday evening, May 31. Items discussed included[more] a Dell lease agreement, summer construction projects, and additional certified staff.

The Bryant District is currently working on a Security Camera System Project. In order to complete this project, the Technology Department needs to purchase and install a new District Network Server that will be large enough to handle the video and images from the security system.

According to Richard Stipe, District Business Manager, Dell offers a lease purchase agreement that allows for three equal, annual payments in the form of a lease agreement. With this, there are no additional costs, charges or fees. The server will cost a total of $112,000 and the three payments will be $37,331.84. At the end of the three-year term of the lease agreement the server will then be purchased for $1. The board agreed to the lease.

Over the summer, there will be several construction projects that will be taking place in conjunction with the construction of the new high school building. Collegeville Elementary will be having the curb and gutters replaced and the central campus will have the retention ponds at the stadium renovated. Bids have been sent out for both jobs and received from Redstone Construction Group, JCI Construction and Herman Reeves Dirtworks. Redstone came in as the low bidder at $100,050. The board approved the bid and construction projects.

Five additional teachers were authorized for hire for the coming school year due to an increase in pre-enrollment and a possible large influx of students after the beginning of the year due to the new apartments being opened on Boone Road in August.

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