School Board updated on implementation of Common Core program

By Jamie Miller

The Bryant School Board met Monday, Nov. 21, for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting with[more] a brief agenda.

Dr, Deborah Bruick, Assistant Superintendent, gave the Board a Common Core update on how it is being implemented throughout the district. Currently, there are three to five teacher teams that are working on developing curriculum to accompany the Common Core standards. They will begin writing the curriculum next school year. The middle school math and literacy teacher teams and the freshman and 10th grade teacher teams will begin writing their curriculums second semester of this school year.

Everyone is doing their part in learning more about the Common Core standards including administrators and teachers, Bruick reported. Administrators are expanding their knowledge by taking part in mini lessons and learning tours once a month, she noted. Teachers are participating in professional development classes that are centered around the Common Core principles.

Jessica Bollen, District Communications Director, began the meeting by recognizing Bryant High School’s head football coach, Paul Calley, and his coaching staff for their second consecutive Conference Championship. The freshman team was also recognized for their undefeated season.

The Legacy of Bryant Marching Band was acknowledged for their successful season of competitions while performing their marching show featuring Elvis Presley music. Chad Green, Band Director, assistant directors, drum majors, and section leaders from the band were noted for their hard work and dedication during the marching season.

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