Senior Profile: Connor Chapdelaine

Editor’s note: This is a regular feature profiling senior athletes at Bryant High School.

Connor Chapdelaine

Connor Chapdelaine

NAME: Connor Chapdelaine

PARENTS: Leo and Anna Chapdelaine

SIBLINGS: I have two brothers, Collin and Nick Chapdelaine, and a step-sister Breanna Brandon. Nick’s 24. Collin turned 21 and Brea is 14.


WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR SPARE TIME? Usually just make sure to stay relaxed and stuff, watch sports, keep up to date on scores.

FAVORITE FOOD: Chicken Alfredo


FAVORITE MOVIE: V for Vendetta.

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory


WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS AFTER HIGH SCHOOL? I plan on going to Oklahoma University to study Meteorology.

OTHER THAN YOUR PARENTS, WHO HAS HAD THE BIGGEST INFLUENCE ON YOUR LIFE? I’d probably say, Coach (Paul) Calley just on everything, pretty much.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT FOOTBALL? The brotherhood, just coming together as a team, working together as a unit, getting to know all these guys and them getting to know me.

POSITION: Linebacker

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE SEASON SO FAR? I think we had a rough start with Benton, especially with the tradition behind that game but now we’re on the track and we haven’t lost a game yet. We have a good chance of doing what we need to do and getting the ring we all want.

WHAT’S BEEN THE HIGHLIGHT TO THE SEASON SO FAR? The highlight so far is definitely beating Catholic last Friday, first 7A team and we were picked to lose and we went out there and dominated every aspect.

WHAT’S IT GOING TO TAKE FOR THE TEAM TO BE SUCCESSFUL THE REST OF THE SEASON? We have to continue on the path we’re on, keep winning, keep getting better every week and eliminating all the mistakes. And make sure we finish strong with Van Buren and Conway, considering their both 7A and decide whether we go to the playoffs.

INDIVIDUALLY, WHAT ABOUT YOUR GAME ARE YOU MOST CONFIDENT ABOUT? Just my aggressiveness; no matter what the size is — 6-2, 6-4, 300 pounds, 400 pounds — I’m willing to take on most anyone. I mean, I may not win every time but I’ll at least be there and not be timid.

WHAT DO YOU WORK HARDEST TO IMPROVE? Playing smart, just the knowledge of the game to make sure I know my alignment and assignment and not just execution but making sure I get everyone else on track along with myself.

AFTER YOU’RE THROUGH PLAYING FOOTBALL AT BHS, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’LL REMEMBER MOST FONDLY ABOUT IT? I’ll probably remember the linebackers I played with, my senior linebackers, and the coaches for sure; just coming out every practice and enjoying what we do; and really setting back and taking time to remember everything about it and just how crazy it was that it all happened.

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