Seventh-grade girls game goes to Benton over Bryant White

BENTON — The Bryant White Lady Hornets seventh grade team of Bryant Middle School played in spurts but struggled to stop the Benton Lady Panthers seventh graders, who held on for a 30-23 win on Tuesday night.

Brilynn Findley led Bryant with 11 points but Benton’s Wesleigh Fergusson had 18.

“We had trouble stopping her,” allowed Lady Hornets coach Ben Perry.

“We were out-hustled and out-rebounded,” he said. “We had sparks of greatness but then fatigued. Our offense needs a little work because we did not execute like we had previously.”

Benton built a 19-13 lead by halftime.

“Benton has a good team, but we should have done better,” Perry continued. “Our girls didn’t give up, but we definitely have some things to work on.

“On a positive note, we did get several players in the game and in scoring opportunities,” he said. “It just wasn’t our night for shots to fall. We missed several open layups and several open shots. We had shots we didn’t take, and we will learn from our mistakes.”

Kristen Reese scored 4 points for the Lady Hornets. Camille Calhoun added 3 with Locklan Berry and Molly Roach adding 2 apiece.

“We get better each week and I enjoy the tough competition to push our team,” Perry said. “We look forward to working on our mistakes to take our frustrations out on Sheridan next Tuesday.”

The Lady Hornets are at Sheridan on Dec. 4.

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