Softball pitching instructor of Olympic Gold medalist to hold clinic at Diamond Sports

Doug Finch, professional pitching instructor and father of Olympic Gold medalist Jennie Finch, will be[more] at Diamond Sports for a clinic on Feb 10-12.

There will be a Friday night "safe mechanics of pitching" school from 6 until 10 and any coaches or parents and pitchers are welcome to attend. Cost is $75 per family.

Finch will also be giving private instruction on Saturday and Sunday. There is limited space but still a few openings.

Those interested in the private lessons and have not seen Doug before will need to attend the Friday night session.

Anyone interested in attending, contact Scarlette Box at (870) 329-1519.

More information attached: 

Doug_Finch_brochure_public_and_8_family_email.pdf (1.30 mb)

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