Speeding concerns brought to Council’s attention

By Martin Couch

Bryant resident Chuck Anderson of 2701 Birdie Lane in the Fairway Apartments brought up his concern with speeders through his area to the Bryant City Council recently. He said that problem is a potential cause of a tragedy.[more]

"I've lived at the Fairway Apartments for the last couple of years and we have had problems with people speeding through there and cutting through, using it as a thoroughfare," Anderson said. "I have been on the phone with the Mayor's office and the Chief of Police and, last year, they did bring out a mobile radar, but that didn't seem to help. People are still coming through there."

To add to the problem, Anderson said, a bus stops at the top of the hill at Woodland Park, not entering the property, to pick up and drop off school children each day.

"My son and a bunch of other kids ride the bus in the mornings and people are not paying attention," Anderson said. "They almost run over our kids. The older kids with cars are cutting through there after school with their radios blaring, but I'm a father and a parent and I have seen kids almost get run over and if ya'll don't do something, a kid is going to get hit and die. As sure as I'm standing here, it better not be mine. You will not like me if something like that happens."

Alderman Brenda Miller spoke with Anderson about the problem and suggested that signage be placed at the stop in the mornings and afternoons to slow down the traffic.

"We put signs there in the morning and evening to caution people to slow down in that area, because of the extensive amount of kids and traffic," Miller said.

The Council had previously looked at an ordinance to allow local police on the private property to stop the speeders two months ago. All of the aldermen agreed that the ordinance should be revisited by the Council for a solution.

"I decided to bear my grievance in person," Anderson said. "This is very serious and something needs to be done. Usually it seems like it takes a tragedy before people get off their backsides and do what needs to be done. I am asking that something be done before that happens."

Suggestions were made for school zone lights be put up in that location and a school crossing be painted on the road, as well as adding a police patrolman there during the bus loading and unloading times to deter speeders. And with the permission of the property owner, Lindsey Inc., the posted speed limit signs would allow policemen to come onto the private property to slow down the speeding and cut-throughs in the area.

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