State Court of Appeals reverses lower court decision, rules in favor of City

September 28, 2012

The case of Collins v. City of Bryant has been decided in favor of the City
of Bryant. Following a[more] jury verdict against the City, the City deposited
$70,000 into the registry of the Court pending appeal by the City.

The Arkansas Court of Appeals agreed with the City's arguments on the
underlying legal issue in the case and reversed the case finding in favor of
the City. Following post appeal motions in both the Court of Appeals and
after remand to the Circuit Court, the City has recovered its $70,000.00 that
it deposited with the Saline County Circuit Court.

Staff Attorney, Chris Madison, stated, "I am happy to assist the City in
getting this case behind it and to help get the money refunded following the
appeal and subsequent motions and arguments in the trial Court."

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