Steele grateful for vote to return to Council for 10th term

By Martin Couch

Danny Steele has been apart of Bryant City Government for a long time and will serve again as Alderman of Ward 1, Position 2.

"It is truly humbling to know that the citizens of my ward[more] have enough faith in me to vote for me to represent them on the City Council again," Steele said. "I sincerely want to thank them for this vote of confidence."

It will be Steele's 10th term on the Council.

"I have seen a lot of things happen during the nine terms I have served," he said. "Bryant, Arkansas is not Washington D.C., and I plan to represent the people the way they want to be represented. I see my friends and neighbors every day, I receive phone calls frequently and I will work hard to represent them."

Mike Chandler and Rob Roedel will be newcomers to the Council, while Adrian Henley, Brenda Miller, Chris Tipton and Steele were all re-elected to their positions. Aldermen Steve Gladden and Scott Curtis ran unopposed in the recent November elections.

"Being realistic, you can't always do what someone wants, but I will always try," Steele said. "Once again, my heartfelt thanks to those who voted for me."

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