Tipton decides to run again for City Council

By Martin Couch

On Monday, Bryant Alderman Chris Tipton announced he would run again for his Ward 2, Position 2 seat on the Bryant City Council.

"After careful consideration and discussion with my family, we have decided to run again," Tipton said in an exclusive interview with BryantDaily.com.[more]

Tipton's feels his voice has made a difference on the City Council since he was elected. In his ward, issues of flooding have been addressed as well as street construction, but there is still more to do, he says.

"We decided to run again, because we enjoy the fact that we have made a difference," Tipton said. "It has been a slow process on some of the issues, but we are seeing real progress with flood prevention and street issues in the growing Ward 2. Now that I know the policies and procedures for getting measures passed, I feel that I can utilize my experience in being more beneficial to Ward 2 and the city."

Tipton's campaign will be based on finishing the flooding issues in the city and "smart" growth for Bryant.

"Growth can be managed by not raising taxes on citizens and by looking at ways to cut waste in city government," he said. "The department heads have done a great job with this in 2010 and we are getting better at finding ways to do more with less in a tough economy."

The election for his position is slated for Nov. 2 when all City Council seats in Bryant will be up for re-election. Currently, there is no other candidate for Ward 2, Position 2 in Bryant.

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