Updated agenda for Finance and Personnel meeting

The City of Bryant Finance and Personnel meeting will be held this evening at 5 p.m., in the Bryant Municipal Complex courtroom. For the agenda, click on the link:[more]



  1. Joe

    A public information officer and a treasurer are to be discussed. Two positions that dont currently exist. Who bets she puts a couple friend as in there that have never been either?

  2. Joe

    Creating two new positions that have a salary. She has been in office 8 days, and she already knows that two new positions are needed.

    The clerk position was increased to full time to account for some of the treasurer duties. So now the clerk is working twice as much, and we need two new employees. These jobs wont be posted either, and there will be no application process. She already has her people picked to put on the taxpayer tab. Isnt she a staunch conservative? Looks like tax and spend to me.

  3. Carol

    I am so sick of gettin on here trying to figure out whats goin on in Bryant and all I see is this whining and moaning and groaning from all these grown "men". Shut up.

  4. Resident

    The bottom line as I see it is:

    Ms. Dabbs won the Mayor’s race because she had the majority of votes. The council members won their respective wards because they had the majority of votes.

    That tells me the majority of those who voted trusted the judgement of the people that they selected to represent their city and it’s best interests.

    That’s how the system works. So if you don’t think you can trust your mayor or your city council members…. why do so many people vote for them?

  5. L.J.

    Carol, you don’t like "right to free speech", eh?

    Joe, they posted another revised agenda, which I believe did not include the treasurer’s position. You are correct, the city clerk’s position used to be part time, but had additional duties added to make it into a fulltime position. It’s quite comical that the city clerk ran an expensive campaign to get the position and then before she was to take office she told the existing city clerk to call her employees and let them know they would be replaced as she would be picking her own employees. I would have loved to have seen the look on her face when she was told the city clerk did not have employees (assistants) and that she would be doing the work herself. When I saw the first agenda on this blog I was quite surprised and wondered if Dabbs was trying to get an assistant for her friend, the new city clerk. The treasurer’s position was axed from the agenda so dont’ know if she figured it out or what. If another person is hired to do part of the city clerk’s job, then her salary should be lowered accordingly. We had a city clerk who was doing the job quite well. As a taxpayer I am disappointed that Dabbs is wanting to hire a public information officer. If I thought Bryant was big enough for that I might go along with it….but knowing that Dabbs uses the press to put her spin on things I resent that my dollars might spent in that manner. I agree…fiscally conservative, she is not.

  6. Joe

    They canned her request for PIO. Didn’t notice the treaurer was not on the new agenda. I got the first copy.

    If you just vote in by a majority, and trust them to be responsible, it is like giving a teenager a bottle of whisky, and the car keys, and expecting them to drive safely.

    The news story stops at the big gray line. The freedom part of speech says you dont have to read what is below that line, just like i dont have to stop posting because you dont like my comments.

  7. L.J.


    Thanks for the info on the PIO position. Looks as though the committee was being fiscally responsible when they did not approve her request. I appreciate your comments and insight. It is apparent that you study and get to the facts…which is much apreciated. I agree in that anyone who does not like other’s sharing info and facts, should stop reading at the end of the news release. I’ll keep looking for your comments.

  8. A Resident of B Town

    The freedom part of speech ALSO says you dont have to read what is below your comments just like I/others dont have to stop posting because you dont like our comments.

  9. Joe

    I never had an issue with people posting. I just wish people would bring some facts, and state their case, instead of blind support because of the way you voted.

  10. A Resident of B Town

    Joe ~ I don’t mean to be disrespecful but your post on Monday indicates that your going on some rumors as well.

    "Joe posted
    1/10/2011 6:53:32 PM

    Rumor on the street is, someone at bryantdaily got fired."

    "Rob posted
    1/10/2011 8:08:04 PM

    No one has been fired. No one is going to tell me how to run my site."

    With my knowledge of the FACT that you are guilty of spreading rumors, that causes me to question the truthfulness of your other postings.

  11. L.J.

    I also don’t have a problem with people posting. The complaints are coming from people like "Carol" (above) who tell people to shut up. If everyone will read above, that is the person who is telling people to shut up because she does not agree. Almost every time I go out to the store, church, etc. people are talking about the lies and problems the mayor has created. Some folks who supported her are very angry because she campaigned on a platform of transparency and honesty…voters don’t take kindly to finding out they have been hoodwinked.

  12. A Resident of B Town

    LJ you say that "almost everytime you go out to the store, church & etc. people are talking about the lies & problems the mayor has created."

    Are these total strangers that your talking to or are these folks in your normal circle of friends?

  13. A Resident of B Town

    I only ask because everything I’ve heard from the people I know and have been talking to has been positive. The only place that I personally have heard anything negative is on this site.

  14. L.J.

    Hmmm….what were you saying about it possibly being the case of only talking to folks in your normal circle of friends? Sounds like the shoe may well fit you. If this is the only site where you have seen anything negative, you are not reading other blogs.

  15. Joe

    Its difficult to find anything negative when your source is the mayors facebook page…… Oh wait, that is how people decide who to vote for. Forget credible news sources, and studying the issues, or asking questions.

    I will tell you the problem. I know my opinions come as a surprise, lol. Saturdays meeting had more people than i have ever seen at a city council meeting. There may have been 100 people there. Bryant has around 5000 registered voters. 2% of people showed up. We pay this local government 10% of everything we purchase in Bryant, but we dont show up in any better numbers than that????

    I bet if someone demanded right now that you fork over 10% of your paycheck, you will demand a reason, and scrutize how they spend it.

    It is happening all over this country, and unless people demand accountability, it will be the ruin of our country. All we do.now, is change party every 2-4years, and expect a new result. If we want it fixed, it starts with ordinary citizens who finally start asking questions, and demanding answers.

  16. A Resident of B Town

    LJ ~ pay attention ~ that shoe does fit me ~ I just told you that!

    My question was are total strangers coming to you in the store to discuss or are your conversations with the people you know, who already know how you feel?

  17. Kevin

    Carol brings up a good point, why dont you grown "men" quit complaning? Jill Dabbs is doin a good job. I didnt vote for her, I wish i would have. Kizer is in there on a interm basis and he is qualified. Just because you think the only reason he got the gig is because they are friends doesnt mean that he isnt qualified. Its sad that all you people are giving her so much crap and even people like Adrian Henley who are more worried about blogging then they are doin the job for their city. In the meeting lastnight it was like a bunch of dogs attacking her and she sat up there and took it and just moved onto one thing after another not letting it bother her, shes a strong person. IT IS OKAY for her to want to bring in HER OWN people to work around. Why would she keep people that she knows doesnt like her..? Larry still hasnt called her to tell her congrats…thats low-down. His people have never liked her, they thought they had the election locked up…they were wrong, and its wrong for you people to sit here and attack her like you’re doing. She is a human being. She has only been in office for a couple weeks, give her a chance. Im sure if you were the mayor, you would tick some people off too, not everyone likes changes, but they happen, and you have to adjust to them and not be so close minded. Im sorry your buddy Larry Mitchell didnt win…I voted for him as well…but i have lost all respect for him because people say he never called to tell Jill congrats on the election. If you people would just give her a chance…stop being so rude to her, all your doing is hurting the city and giving it a bad rep. She wont be able to get anything positive done if all the people are not letting her do anything just because they dont like her. Its a shame that grown people act like this, and its always the same people on here complaning..sad. really it is. And before you come back with some smart allic comment, you should really think about it and try to grow up.

  18. joe

    It is not complaining when your primary purpose is to try to get facts straight.

    Jill Dabbs ran on the platform of new government, transparency, accountability, etc., much in the way Barack Obama did. Well once Obama was elected, we found out that it was the same politics, with a new face. I find most people do not consider it merely "complaining" when they have a beef with the president. I see Jill Dabbs as using the same practice.

    Mark Kizer may be the most qualified. If he is, then why are they afraid to let his qualifications compete with an application pool? It is the free market, we don’t need to stack the deck.

    I have never met Adrian Henley, just seen him at meetings. People may think he uses his time too much on blogs, but every time I fact check what he says, it turns out to be true. There are times that I wish he would back down, but there has not been one legitimate question, or accusation that he has not answered or addressed. You can say one thing about him, you know where he stands, and he will not be fooled because he does not know something about a topic.

    As for Larry Mitchell. Up until mid-December, he was the subject of a lawsuit filed by Jill Dabbs et. al. If she really has a beef against him for not talking to her, she needs to address it with herself first. I don’t know of any defendant in a lawsuit that will communicate with the plaintiff outside of through a lawyer. She filed that for votes, then got mad because he wouldn’t call her. She shot herself in the foot on that one. After all, she blamed him daily for things in the city. How are you supposed to put on your "happy face" and congratulate someone after you just read the garbage they had printed in the paper about you?

    No smart-allic comebacks. Resident of B town called me out on spreading a rumor somewhere above. I talked to Rob about that, and I am not ashamed to admit, my source apparently got their facts from facebook or some other crumby outlet, and then I repeated it on here. I apologized to Rob, and I will apologize publicly now to you guys. I said something before I had the facts. If that taints your opinion on my other posts, then I have only myself to blame.

    Had Jill Dabbs approached this new office with a little more finesse, and a lot less brute force, she would be seen differently in the public eye. You had mentioned the meeting the other night, she hand selected those members of that committee because they are her staunch allies. Do you think that maybe their phones have been blowing up from their voters because of her actions? I know on Saturday, they didn’t put up much resistance, so if they pounced her, then maybe they are getting some calls, and changed their minds about some of her practices.

    Sorry if I have offended anyone. I post because I enjoy it, and because I like to try to find the facts. I am not perfect in that, but that is my ultimate goal.


    Joe Camel

  19. A Resident of B Town

    Joe ~ I gotta say that you just changed my mind about you. You are an upstanding kind of guy.

    I think we ALL (myself included) need to be careful about we repeat as gospel. We are all forming our opinions based on information we know to be true or think we know to be true. There is not one person in the town of Bryant that has every fact of every conversation of every person involved in every issue.

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