Veteran diploma program offered by Bryant Schools

Bryant Public Schools, in recognition of the service of military veterans, is providing an opportunity for those who were unable to finish high school due to deployment in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War to receive a high school diploma.

To be eligible to receive a diploma from Bryant High School, the Arkansas Department of Education has established the following requirements:

A veteran shall:

  1. Have been honorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States of America;
  2. 2. Be a resident of the State of Arkansas; and
  3. 3. Have served a minimum of eighteen (18) consecutive months in active duty or been discharged with a service-connected disability during one of the following:

For veterans of World War II, between September 16, 1940, and December 31, 1946

For veterans of the Korean War, between June 1, 1950 and January 1, 1954; or

For veterans of the Vietnam War, between July 3, 1965, and May 15, 1975.

A veteran will need to present to a Veteran Diploma Application and any of the following documentation of honorable discharge as evidence of eligibility:

•A War Department Adjutant General’s Office Form (WD AGO);

•A Naval Personnel discharge document (NA VPERS);

•A Report of Separation from Active Duty; or

•A DD Form 214 (DD-214)

Veteran Diploma Applications can be found online at or picked up at the Administration Office, 200 NW 4th Street, Bryant.

The applying veteran did not have to attend Bryant Schools at the time of their deployment to receive the diploma. Upon review of these documents and certification of eligibility, a diploma will be granted at the Veteran Graduation Ceremony on November 11, 11 a.m., at Bryant High School.

Applications and documentation must be submitted to the Administration Office by Friday, Nov. 1.

Mail or drop off the application and documentation to 200 NW 4th Street, Bryant AR 72022, to the attention of Devin Sherrill.

Veterans or family members are asked to contact Devin Sherrill, Director of Communication, at 501-847-5600 for more information.

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