At the softball field


























Despite the weather, some Bryant Softball Association games have been played.[more]

A reminider to soccer, softball and baseball youth league coaches and organizers:

As indicated elsewhere on this site, Kirk Stewart (and others) will be providing photos and information occasionally from the action at your respective parks.

But we'd like to offer you more exposure on the site by inviting you to submit team photos, action shots, information about your team, its players and its games. You can send information like that to either Kirk at or me at

Regarding photos, they should be in focus and, please, identify those in the photo. Write-ups will be subject to editing. And if you send in a game report, please provide information and names from both teams. Game reports should primarily be scoring summaries and/or stats. Game-turning highlights can also be included.

For softball and baseball, if you have someone that keeps a scorebook well, you could send me the scorebook from a game and I can write it up from that. Please include rosters from both teams (or the full names of the players from both teams and their numbers on the scoresheet) and a phone number for me to call if I have questions.

We want to be a place where youth sports can be celebrated. It's at your service.

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