Bethel eighth-grade boys produce 11 firsts at Hot Springs meet

The Bryant Blue Hornets eighth-grade track and field team of Bethel Middle School earned 11 first-place finishes while the seventh grade won two events at a meet hosted at Hot Springs High School.

Here are the results courtesy of head coach Colton Bond:

8th Grade

Long Jump

1st Place- Logan White 15’10”

3rd Place- Cameron Apel

6th Place- Dylan Atkinson

Triple Jump

3rd Place- Andrew Stueve 32’7″

4th Place- Brandon Gabe 32′ 1″

5th Place- Jaxon Holt

6th Place- Michael Rivera

Shot Put

3rd Place- Fabian Torres

6th Place- Carson Burnett


4th Place- Caden Hope

7th Place- Matthew Griffe

High Jump

2nd Place- Blake Everett


1st Place- Liam Babbit, Taj Van Tassel, Jackson Meshell, Jaxon Holt- 9:54

4th Place- Drew MacEntire, Cameron Apel, Jacob Karp, Will Taylor

100 Hurdles

1st Place- Blake Everett- 15.88

1st Place- Blake Snyder- 15.96

3rd Place- Devin Brewer

5th Place- David Corballis


1st Place- Lawson Speer 12.38

1st Place- Carson Burnett 12.80

3rd Place- Julian Smith

4th Place- Fabian Torres

7th Place- Andrew Stueve 1600

4th Place- Drew MacEntire- 5:47

5th Place- Jackson Meshell- 5:48


4th Place- Blake Everett, Carson Burnett, Logan White, Fabian Torres

6th Place- Owen Lee, Carson Matson, Hunter Hagan, Jacob Knowlton


1st Place- Taj Van Tassel- 56.58

1st Place- Liam Babbit- 58.17

3rd Place- Gage Shepard

3rd Place- Michael Rivera

6th Place- Braxton Praither

6th Place- Alec Humphreys

300 Hurdles

1st Place- Blake Everett- 47.62

1st Place- Blake Snyder- 47.83


6th Place- Jaxon Holt 2:32

8th Place- Dillon Hoover 2:37


2nd Place- Brandon Gabe 26.32

4th Place- Layton Dickerson


1st Place- Taj Van Tassel, Liam Babbit, Gage Shepard, Michael Rivera- 4:08

5th Place- Dillon Hoover, Hayden Upton, Drew MacEntire, Jacob Karp

7th Grade

Long Jump

1st Place- Brody Troyer- 15′

5th Place- Joshua Luster

6th Place- Chaney Crosby

Triple Jump

4th Place- Caden Stovall

5th Place- Sebastian Gough


2nd Place- James Billingsley, Jason Apodaca, George Terry, Gavin Shelby-10:48

100 Hurdles

4th Place- Hayden Meshell

5th Place- Hunter Linn

7th Place- Blake Ammons

8th Place- Chaney Crosby

100 Meters

1st Place- Xaylen Curenton-12.92

3rd Place- Brody Troyer

3rd Place- Joshua Luster

5th Place- David Vivar


3rd Place- George Terry- 5:50


4th Place- James Billingsley, Aiden Shaw, Joshua Luster, Xaylen Curenton


4th Place- Evan Lamb

5th Place- Jackson Fluger

6th Place- Sebastian Gough

6th Place- Caden Stovall

300 Hurdles

2nd Place- Mitchell Elmore

5th Place- Hunter Ellis

6th Place- Ethan Skiles

800 Meters

4th Place- James Billingsley- 2:43

200 Meters

2nd Place- Brody Troyer

2nd Place- Xaylen Curenton

6th Place- David Vivar

7th Place- Evan Lamb

8th Place- Carter Moore

4×400 Meters

5th Place- James Billingsley, Evan Lamb, George Terry, Hunter Linn

7th Place- Cole Shields, Gavin Shelby, Cole Skelley, Caden Stovall


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