Bethel’s eighth grade relay teams remain unbeaten at Sheridan

SHERIDAN — The relay teams of the Bryant Blue Lady Hornets eighth grade track squad of Bethel Middle School remained undefeated this year as they competed in a middle school meet at Sheridan on Monday.

“I’m really proud of the hard work they have put in,” stated Bethel track coach Denise Smith. “Ashlyn Barnett had an amazing race in the 100 meters to secure a blue ribbon.

“On the seventh grade team, there have been several athletes improve tremendously over the past couple of meets,” she added. “Maddie Nelson had a great run on the 100 meter hurdles.”

Bethel travels to Lake Hamilton for a meet on Monday, April 16.

Here are the Lady Hornets’ results from Sheridan meet:

7th grade Bethel Girls

Triple Jump: 8th-Taylor Atherton 24’2″; Skyler Shook 23’8″

Shot Put: Harley Clancy 25′; Grace Dodson 23’5″; Clara Noel 18’4″

Discuss: 3rd-Harley Clancy 68′; 5th-Natalie 61′; Clara 45′

High Jump: 2nd-Brylee Bradford 4’6″; 3rd Abigail Lagemann 4’4″; 7th-Destiny 4’4″

4x800m: 1st-Brylee Bradford, Skyler Shook, Laura Kate, Abigail Lagemann 11:09

100m Hurdles: 1st-Maddie Nelson 18.00; 3rd-Hannah Brewer 18.53; 3rd-Estefania Ramirez 20.00; 7th-Caroline Perryman 21.00

100m Sprint: 3rd-Skyler Shook 13.81; 5th-Grace Dodson; 6th-Taylor Atherton 15.57; 7th-Marcy Flowers 15.57; 7th-Makayla Patterson

1600m: 5th-Maddie Nelson 6:32; 8th-Paige Spicer 6:36

4x100m: 5th-Estefania Ramirez, Skyler Shook, Destiny Galindo, Ryleigh Young 59.97

400m: 1st-Brylee Bradford 1:08; 1st-Natalie Edmonson 1:12; 5th-Makayla Patterson 1:20; 6th-Marcy Flowers 1:18; 7th-Taylor Atherton 1:25

300 Hurdles: 2nd Estefania Ramirez; 3rd-Hannah Brewer

800m: 1st-Abigail Lagemann 2:49; 4th-Laura Kate Thomas 3:00; 5th-Maddie Nelson 3:01; 8th-Jazmin Pineda 3:05; Paige Spicer 3:10

200m: 2nd-Ryleigh Young; 3rd-Natalie Edmonson; 5th-Destiny Galindo; 6th-Caroline Perryman

4x400m: 2nd-Skyler Shook, Brylee Bradford, Laura Kate Thomas, Abigail Lagemann 4:39.59

8th grade Bethel Girls

Long Jump: 5th-Erin Ives 13′

Shot Put: 3rd-Monica Shifflet 31’7″; Kaitlyn Loudermilk 22’9″

Discuss: 6th-Aidan Sutterfield 64’7″; Monica Shifflet 60′; Avery Caldwell 56′

4x800m: 1st-Olivia McCallister, Kimberly Hernandez, Yasmin Amlani, Margo Gilliland 11: 27

100m Hurdles: 1st-Lawson Godwin 17.4; 1st-Samantha Achorn; 3rd-Brooklyn Sisco 18.69; 3rd-Alana Gould; 5th-McKenzie Hicks

100m: 1st-Ashlyn Barnett 13.10; 6th-Aidan Sutterfield 14.87

1600m: 1st-Margo Gilliland 6:04; 2nd-Kimberly Hernandez 6:11; 3rd-Madison Hagan 6:32; 4th-Kennedy McGuire 6:36; 6th Marissa Tate 6:46

4x100m: 1st-Erin Ives, Ashlyn Barnett, Lawson Godwin, Alana Gould 54.75

400m: 1st-Olivia McCallister 1:06; 5th-Avery Caldwell 1:18; 6th-Isabella Jackson 1:13

300 Hurdles: 1st-Smantha Achorn; 1st-Lawson Godwin; 4th-Melissa Ramirez

800m: 1st-Kimberly Hernandez 2:50; 2nd-McKenzie Hicks 2:51; 3rd-Kennedy McGuire; 4th-Madison Hagan 2:52

200m: 1st-Erin Ives 28.22; 1st-Alana Gould; 3rd-Melissa Ramirez

4x400m: 1st-Yasmin Amlani, Olivia McCallister, Isabella Jackson, Margo Gilliland 4:42




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