BHS choir to perform on Arkansas PBS television show

Bryant High School joins the renown composer/conductor, Tim Janis, on Arkansas Public Television for[more] "Celebrate America.” Bryant High School now joins the ranks of over 18,000 of the nation’s most outstanding young performers including celebrities such as Jackie Evancho and Emily Bear.

"Celebrate America" includes a tribute to the U.S. Honor Flag – the Flag that has flown millions of miles since 911, including to Iraq and Afghanistan, to honor our fallen fire, police and military heroes. The program will be aired on Thursday, March 8, from 6:30-8:30 p.m., on Arkansas Public Television.

“Celebrate America is a national program designed to give our nation’s youth a life enhancing opportunity by showcasing their choirs on Public Television,” said Janis.

The production and filming of this event is made possible through the hard work and dedication of both Arkansas PBS and the all-volunteer Tim Janis staff.

“Contributing to community through the arts has always been a big part of Public Television’s contribution to the community,” said Janis. “We work in studios a lot, but I think for the students that don’t get that opportunity to see what goes on behind the scene, it’s a life changing experience.

“So, I just would like Celebrate America to get out more across our nation and really show everybody what we have to be grateful for,” adds Janis. “And I think that’s our great school programs, our youth and our beautiful nation.”

In November 2011, 17 outstanding high school choirs from across the state of Arkansas were selected to participate in the televised series Celebrate America. Bryant High School elected to perform ”Let There Be Peace On Earth” under the direction of Julie White in the Celebrate America program.

Janis said, “Public Television is an invaluable resource for staying connected to local

programs and the community. PBS programming helps to bring the community together. In a time when conversations are often replaced with texts and the internet is one of the primary sources for staying connected to the world around us, the programs offered by PBS ensure that the value of community is never lost.”

Tim Janis is respected and well known for the work he defines as “Music with a Mission,” a work he started after working with the People’s Princess Foundation. His career has extraordinary and inspiring highlights which include producing and supporting many philanthropic projects with artists such as Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, Ray Charles, Andre Previn, and The New York Philharmonic.

In 2005, he performed a series of concerts in Mainland China and Eastern Europe for the U.S. State Department to promote the beauty of America. He has also produced fund raising programs for PBS along with George Clooney and James Earl Jones.

In November 2011, the U.S. Honor Flag Organization teamed up with Celebrate America. Tim Janis’song “Celebrate America,” which he wrote for the Celebrate America program, is now the official theme song for the U.S. Honor Flag.

Tim Janis, Bryant High School and Arkansas Public Television invite you to listen, watch and “Celebrate America” Thursday, March 8, at 6:30-8:30 p.m., on Arkansas PBS. Highlights and video clips from past Celebrate America broadcasts and additional information can be found at

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