BHS team set for 7A state swimming and diving meet

The Bryant High School swim team will compete in the 2017 Class 7A State Swimming and Diving championships will be held Friday and Saturday in Bentonville.

Michael Higgs

Qualifiers for Bryant include:

Alex Ball – 100 Back

Jessica Butler- 50 Free, 100 Free

Caivon Crosby – 1 meter diving

Michael Higgs – 200IM, 100Fly, 100 BR, 100 Free

Paris Works – 1 meter diving

Sara Weber – 1 meter diving


Girls 200 Medley Relay

  1. Leela Hoerschelmann
  2. Lara Kockaya
  3. Jessica Butler
  4. Kayla Vaughan

Alt:Ellie Hooten,  Kalina Weaver, Erin Vaughn, Taylor Wilson


Girls 200 Free Relay

  1. Lara Kockaya
  2. Taylor Wilson
  3. Kayla Vaughn
  4. Jessica Butler

Alt: Kalina Weaver, Ellie Hooten, Leela Hoerschelmann, Hannah Tennison


Girls 400  Free Relay

  1. Taylor Wilson
  2. Hannah Tennison

3.Kayla Vaughn

  1. Lara Kockaya

Alt: Ellie Hooten, Erin Vaughn, Kalina Weaver, Leela Hoershelmann


Boys 200 Medley Relay

  1. Alex Ball
  2. Tristan Hoerschelmann
  3. Michael Higgs
  4. Jacob Eubanks

Alt:John Dellorto, Dylan Althen, Jacob Rhode, Ivan Bryant


Boys 200 Free Relay

  1. Jacob Eubanks
  2. Alex Ball
  3. Kyle Henry
  4. Michael Higgs

Alt: Dylan Althen, John Dellorto, Jacob Rhode, Ivan Bryant


Boys 400 Free Relay

  1. Jacob Eubanks
  2. Tristan Hoerschelmann
  3. Alex Ball
  4. Kyle Henry

Alt: John Dellorto, Dylan Althen, Jacob Rhode, Ivan Bryant


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