Broadway to launch ‘More and Better Jobs for Arkansas’ tour at Alexander business

Editor's note: All local candidates are welcome to send information about campaign events.

Shane Broadway, candidate for Arkansas Lieutenant Governor, will kick off his More and Better Jobs For Arkansas statewide tour Tuesday. Governor Mike Beebe will join Broadway at Power Technology, Inc. in Alexander, a family-owned, Arkansas-based manufacturer.[more]

“We need more and better jobs for Arkansas’s future,” Broadway said. “I’ve worked inside state and local government and with the private sector to create jobs. That’s what I will do as Lieutenant Governor. I can do it because I’ve done it.”

“If your truck breaks down, you take it to a guy who fixes trucks. If your roof leaks, you find a guy who knows how to fix a roof. I’m the guy in the race for Lieutenant Governor who knows how to create jobs,” Broadway said. “We all know that in Arkansas you need a plan of action, jobs don’t just appear at your doorstep. I’ve worked with Governor Beebe and his team, that has done a great job attracting new jobs to Arkansas.

“We need more jobs and better jobs. We need to continue bringing more of the high tech, high paying jobs of the future to Arkansas. We have the educational system and the ready and willing workforce. I want our children and grandchildren to be able to live, work and worship in Arkansas and a good job makes that possible.”

Broadway has worked for the Saline County Economic Development Corporation since it began implementing its strategic plan 5 years ago. As an economic developer and state legislator, he has worked closely with small businesses and industry, local community and education leaders and entrepreneurs to attract new jobs and retain existing jobs for hard working Arkansans across the state.


  1. Mitchell

    I wish it would have mentioned exactly what jobs HE has created? Ive lived in saline county for atleast the past 5 years that he has been on the Saline County Economic Commission, and I have not seen any of big jobs come here.So what has been accomplished for this Commission he represents? Why should I vote for him if he can not get it done on the local level?

  2. Mitchell

    What jobs has he exactly brought here to the county? Ive not seen one good thing the Saline County Economic Development has done other than take the citys money to pay thier own members. No jobs have been created and we could have used that money more wisly. I still have not heard of anything that Mr. Broadway has done for his citizens and would like someone to tell me what he has accomplished instead of blowing smoke and mirrors at me? I could see him voting for the road to nowhere in Alaska if he though it would bring jobs though …seems to be the only thing he talks about is development when we have so many necessities to be done here.

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