Bryant divers compete at UALR

Bryant High Dive team includes, front from left, Jordan Tarvin, Kaitlin Howey, Morganne Gillespie, Tiffany Robinson, Alise Heavrin, Courtney Bulthuis; back from left, Lucas Reitenger, Justin Combs, Scott Mead. (Photo by DeDe Gillespie)Photos courtesy of DeDe Gillespie

LITTLE ROCK — Bryant’s Justin Combs placed third among the boys and Alise Heavrin fourth among the girls at[more] the diving portion of the Catholic High School 50/100 Sprint meet held Tuesday at the UALR Natatorium.

Justin Combs (Photo by DeDe Gillespie)

The swimming competition for the event will be held Thursday, Dec. 8.

Combs finished with a score of 106.30 while Heavrin achieved a score of 143.90.

Also for the Hornets, Lucas Reitenger placed fifth with a score of 94.35 with Scott Mead sixth at 89.10.

For the Lady Hornets, Tiffany Robinson was sixth at 93.95. Kaitlin Howey was seventh (85.45) and Morganne Gillespie eighth (77.30).Alise Heavrin (Photo by DeDe Gillespie)

Lucas Reitenger (Photo by DeDe Gillespie)

Morganne Gillespie (Photo by DeDe Gillespie)

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