City slightly ahead in revenues from 2009

By Martin Couch

In Thursday night's Finance and Personnel meeting at the Bryant City Hall, city accountant Gary Hollis reported that general sales tax had increased three percent collected[more] in the community so far.

"That's really not growing much," Hollis said. "With this report, you have to look at the numbers to tell where we are at."

Hollis displayed the numbers and discussed the trends with the committee members and found that revenues from October were around $60,000.

"That actually puts us at $101,000 ahead of 2009," Hollis said. "It puts us right in the category with 2008."

On the other side of the revenue chart was the state turn-back tax money that, so far, has tracked along with previous years.

"It's about the same way. There's not a whole lot of difference," Hollis said. "Franchise fees were not increasing or growing a whole lot, but in the property taxes, there was a lot of activity. There were a lot of property taxes paid and that tracks above what it is in previous years. It's still not a whole lot of money but, all in all, we are at budget."

The turn-back money will start when President Barrack Obama approves the census on a national basis.

"We know the numbers the state is going to pay per capita and we are going to increase approximately eight percent in that," Hollis said.

Seventy-five percent of that funding will go to the Bryant Street Department and the remaining 25 percent will go into the general fund for the city.

"It's really not that much," Hollis said. "About $600,000 and there will be a significant increase on the street side."

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