Civitan Shoppe report record sales to go with benefits of client employment

By Jamie M. Dobbs

The local Civitan Shoppe has recently placed pictures up in the Plaza to help demonstrate the donation process that takes place there along with how it benefits the clients they work with. According to Leigha Jones, Community Development Director of Civitan Services, the Shoppe reports record sales this year.[more]

The Civitan Shoppe first opened in August 2004 as a workplace readiness training program for adults. According to their website, the Shoppe has “allowed many adult clients to find employment and they are now earning their own paycheck while learning skills that will help them obtain a job out in the community.”

The pictures, taken and constructed by Steve Bohannon, show different families, clients and employees that have, in some way or another, profited from the Civitan Shoppe.

Heather Bloom, Transition Coordinator, aids the adult employees that are currently working in the Plaza to develop the skills they need for the outside work places. The following are the Transition employees that they currently have working:

— “James works on specific days such as Mondays and Thursdays, but he is more than willing to fill in if another peer is absent. He has also been recently introduced to the cash register and we could not be more pleased with his performance. James has done such a wonderful job, he has been asked to come in every other Saturday and work for the day.” 

— “Jenny has been working at the Plaza for some time now and she also works on Saturdays on an as-needed basis.”

— “David R. is also another long-time worker. He works when needed throughout the week and every other Saturday. David is also very good on the cash register.”

— “Jenna is a great fill-in for the Plaza because she also knows how to run the cash register.”

— “David H. works on Fridays and does a great job at making sure the Plaza is staying clean and straight.”

— “Josh J. works on Wednesdays and he helps with keeping things organized.

— “Jana works on Tuesdays and she focuses on customers greeting and straightening of the Plaza.”

— “Amanda works on Tuesdays with Jana and they seem to make a good team.”

All of the above employees are scheduled on specific days of the week so that they become accustomed to working a set schedule.

“All of these individuals love to work in the Plaza because it gives them a sense of independence as well as skills to improve on,” Bloom said. “They all work very hard at their given jobs and I believe that they look forward to going to work in the Plaza on their designated days.

“Being able to go over there and complete their tasks that are assigned to them and feel as if they are not being ‘babysat’, is a big step and everyone of these individuals work very hard to achieve that independence.”

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