Council hears department reports, reassured about finances

By Jamie Miller

The regularly scheduled April meeting of the Bryant City Council included department[more] updates and a few agenda items being approved.

The Parks Department was approved to purchase a field groomer along with two lawn mowers and a heating and air conditioning unit for the Aquatic Center.

The Public Works Department was approved to sell their old equipment and purchase a Kabota tractor.

The finance reports from February and March were tabled due to the city having a brand new Finance Director.

According to City Clerk Heather Kizer, "City Attorney Chris Madison advised Council that the revenues for this year are great and that we are actually way ahead and under budget at this time."

The revenues and the bank balances for the city indicate that everything is balanced and on track, Kiser sad. The detailed reports for the Council to approve will be completed once the new Finance Director has an opportunity to get settled and familiarize herself with the reports.

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