Couple forms law firm

BENTON — A unique legal partnership has come to Saline County in the form of a husband and wife team.[more] Clint and Jennifer Lancaster met and got married while attending UALR Bowen School of Law. They graduated from the law school in May of 2011 and took the Arkansas bar exam a few short months after graduation.

Upon receiving news that they both passed, they opened the doors of the Lancaster Law Firm at 501 North Main Street. The Lancasters’ office is located in the same building where Clint’s uncle, John F. Lovell, Jr. practiced law. Lovell was a significant influence on Clint’s decision to attend law school.

Clint recounts, “While hunting years ago with Uncle John, he asked me about my grades. They were not very good at the time and Uncle John scolded me for not applying myself. He told me that I was capable of more, but without the work ethic and drive I would never amount to anything. His comments made me mad and I resented it at the time. However, looking back, I see that he was driving me to be a better student and a better person.”

Now, Clint and Jennifer are glad to be back in Benton. They say it seems as though every time they go out in Saline County, they meet someone who knows of Lovell or of Clint’s cousin, Pete Lancaster. The Lancasters say that they are aware of the values, service, and reputation of both the Lancasters and Lovells and are eager to continue a high level of service to Saline County and the state of Arkansas.

The Lancasters practice law in a variety of areas. Jennifer said that throughout their legal education they each focused on different areas of the law. Jennifer, who is also currently finishing her MBA at UALR, practices in bankruptcy, corporations, tax, and contract law. Clint practices in criminal law and procedure, family law, and energy law. They feel their practice areas are advantageous because between the two of them, they can provide quality legal services in all major areas of the law.

The Lancaster Law Firm also has something that other law firms don’t have–customer service.

“We want to bring the Sam Walton approach to the legal field,” Jennifer explains. "Our firm is designed to provide efficient, affordable, detailed legal representation to our clients."

To further this goal, the Lancasters have a computer software program that keeps track of all the progress being made on a case and the current status. Each client will be provided with a username and password which will allow them to access their individual account 24-7 to see what kind of progress is being made on their case.

“It is all about transparency,” Clint explained. "If somebody needs a lawyer, more than likely, it’s because something bad has happened. Lawyers can make it worse by not updating their clients, leaving them in the dark and then surprising their clients with outrageous legal fees."

The Lancasters say they are determined to be different. The software program will not just allow the client to see what is being done on their case whenever they like, but as often as they like. The clients of the Lancaster Law Firm will never wonder about what is going on with their case. The Lancasters have also committed to sending a weekly email updates to all of their clients letting them know the status of their case. Additionally, the Lancasters engage in a virtual law practice in which a client can provide all necessary information online without ever having to leave their own home.

"This idea is to accommodate our clients who are home bound, disabled, or without means for transportation. It is all about our clients,” Jennifer explained, “Their satisfaction is our top priority.”

Clint and Jennifer Lancaster can be reached at The Lancaster Law Firm located at 501 North Main Street, Benton, Arkansas 72015. Phone: (501)776-2224. Email: or Their website is:

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  1. Anonymous

    So a couple of inexperienced kids open a two person law firm touring their diverse legal "experience"? Sounds like trouble to me. A fine piece of hard hitting independent journalism right there.

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