Dabbs appoints Rye to fill planning commission in McCorkel’s stead

By Martin Couch

Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs will be appointing Phillip Rye to the city's planning commission on[more] Thursday to fill Ward 2 Position 1 that his currently held by David McCorkel.

"David McCorkel has done an outstanding job serving the citizens of Bryant for nine years on the planning commission," Dabbs said. "His time served is very appreciated by the city, the DRC committee and the planning and development department.

McCorkel informed Dabbs earlier this year that he would not be seeking reappointment for the upcoming term.

Rye, who is the owner of Phillip Rye and Associates, Inc., graduated from the University of Arkansas College of Engineering. He is a licensed civil engineer and land surveyor.

"Phillip's knowledge and experience gained from his profession and experience will be an asset to the planning commission," Dabbs said. "Phillip and his family are invested in this community in multiple ways and what happens in Bryant's future is important to him.

"The important decisions Phillip makes while serving on the planning commission will benefit Bryant for generations to come," she added.

Rye's hobbies include golf, flying RC airplanes and traveling with his family. He is a member of the Geyer Springs First Baptist Church where he plays the trumpet in the orchestra and teaches third-grade Sunday school with his wife April. He has two children, Madison, age 12, and Savannah, age 9.

Rye also has a background with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department in Roadway Design and Surveys Division for 12 years.

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