Dabbs has Christmas wish list for Bryant

By Martin Couch

In the spirit of the Christmas season, everyone is preparing some kind of a list either to buy for someone else or it's a wish list to Santa. Bryant Mayor-Elect Jill Dabbs has her own wish list for the city and[more] hopes it can come true.

"I wish for a master growth plan that supports maintaining and improving the quality of life in Bryant we expect," she said as her first item on the list.

Second was "a strong interactive volunteer program that helps support our senior adult program, parks, Boys and Girls Club and schools," she said.

On the list at number three was "a grant for stormwater funding, which is also in the works for the city.

And fourth, "a debt-free city governement," Dabbs said. "That's just to name a few."

Dabbs takes office on Jan. 1 and hopes to tackle these issues and get them resolved for Bryant.

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