Election 2012: Ward 3, Position 1, Bryant Alderman

Editor’s note: This is part of a series on the upcoming elections for the Bryant City Council.

By Martin Couch

Ward 3 position 1 on the Bryant City Council, currently occupied by Alderman[more] Adrian Henley, will be contested this November.

Lee Crow, who is a neighbor of Henley's, decided after support from his family, to run for the position.

"I've lived in Bryant for about nine and half years and we've gone through three administrations since then," Crow said. "It's been good and positive with the city growth, but there are still some things this city needs to continue to grow."

Crow believes that Henley's actions haven't "been in the best interest" of the city.

"There is a need for improvements," Crow continued. "Two things: streets and better connectivity with roads to lessen traffic."

He pointed out that Reynolds Road was currently the only route through the city to Interstate 30.

"I'd like to see continued transparency in the local government," Crow said. "I believe that a city budget needs to stay balanced and the fire and police are first priority. We have to operate within our means."

On the other hand, Henley says that his constituents have been talking to him about the city's higher sewer rates.

"We have a sewer rate that is more than any other place in the state," Henley said.

The current sewer rate is 12 percent, but Henley is concerned that the city should spend the bond money wisely.

"We have to start paying it back in 2014," he said.

As far as re-election, Henley says he's "enjoyed serving and doing what I can for them. I've been apart of some great things, like the accomplishment of securing all the water for the city and keeping the millage down to a minimum for the people."

Henley's campaign is centered on hard work and making sure the people's voices are heard and that city officials are held accountable for spending.

"There seems to be more support, but you never know," Henley said.

Crow remembers that water rates have increased over the years with improvements in the city infrastructure of the sewer lines.

"That's got to happen, unfortunately the cost has to go somewhere and it's on those who are here now," Crow said. "I want to see what we can do to reduce the sewer rate, but I've got to study it further."

This is Crow's first time to run for a city office and, like Henley, is receiving support from people of the ward.

"I've got a lot of support from my family and the people around here," he said. "Before I made my decision, I gave some prayerful consideration to running. I felt like the door has been opened for me to do it."

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