Enduring Velocity Program for pitchers offered

Enduring Velocity Program 2011 
with Coach Geoff Zahn 
will be held[more] Monday, Dec. 12 through Thursday, Dec. 15, from 
6:30 – 9 p.m., at Diamond Sports in Bryant.

Cost is $200 for all four sessions. The maximum number of players is eight.

The purpose of the program is to help each pitcher understand where velocity comes from and to help him achieve good rhythm throughout his delivery resulting in enduring velocity.

Prerequisites: Players must be throwing from Major League distance (60 ft 6 in), throwing arm should be in shape.

The program consists of four sessions; bullpens using under and over weighted baseballs; warm up exercises that incorporate safe mechanics; conditioning for speed and arm stability; individual attention to safe mechanics and rhythm.

Coach Zahn will also be available for a limited number of private pitching lessons as well, $60 for 45 minutes.

Zahn has been a pitching instructor for over 20 years. He has worked with pitchers of all ages. He has authored several articles for MLB.com and Collegiate Baseball.

Zahn was a Major League pitcher for over 11 years with the Dodgers, Cubs, Twins, and Angels. He is the former head baseball coach at the University of Michigan and is the founder of the Master Pitching Institute and GeoffZahn.com. 

“I have put this program together after reviewing research by doctors such as Dr. Andrews and Dr. Jobe,” Zahn said. “I have tried to make this program as safe as possible with the possibility of increasing velocity.”

“This will be an extremely valuable program if you have the desire to maximize the abilities of your pitchers,” added Coach Pat Harrison, Director of Instruction at Diamond Sports. “I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.”

To register for the velocity program or to schedule lessons with Coach Zahn, contact the Diamond Sports Office at 501-653-BATS (2287).

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