Five Bryant Schools recognized for student performance and academic growth

By Devin Sherrill, Bryant School District Director of Communications

Five Bryant Schools will share approximately $7 million in reward money from the Arkansas School Recognition Program. Awards are based on information from the 2016-2017 school year.

The Arkansas School Recognition Program provides financial awards to the top 10 percent ofpublic schools that achieve high student performance on the state required assessments in grades 3-10 and the top 10 percent of public schools that achieve high student academic growth, which includes high school graduation rates where applicable.

An amount of $95.76 per student is awarded to schools in the top 5 percent in student performance or student academic growth. Two Bryant schools scored in the top 5 percent:

Bethel Middle School (Top 5% Performance) = $88,482.24

Springhill Elementary (Top 5% Performance) = $60,233.04

Based on student performance or academic growth, schools in the top 6%-10% are slated to receive rewards of $47.88 per student enrolled. Bryant schools receiving this award include:

Bryant Elementary (Top 6%-10% Growth) = $36,915.48

Salem Elementary (Top 6%-10% Growth) = $28,249.20

Collegeville Elementary (Top 6%-10% Growth) = $27,004.32

A school committee made up of the principal, a teacher elected by the school’s faculty, and a parent leader all work together to develop the school’s spending plan. Schools must use the funds for faculty and staff bonuses, educational equipment and materials, or personnel to assist with improving or maintaining student performance.

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