Former bookkeeper charged with theft of funds from Boys and Girls Club

By Martin Couch

On Wednesday, Bryant police arrested Diana Davis-Blair for theft of funds from the Bryant Boys and Girls Club.

On Sept. 30, Boys and Girls Club director Suzanne Passmore reported to the police department[more] that her bookkeeper, who had recently been terminated, had possibly been stealing money. The police department immediately began an investigation on the missing funds, $10,900.

"There were items found to have been purchased with the debit card of the Boys and Girls Club that was not authorized nor did Ms. Passmore have the knowledge of," said Bryant Detective Todd Crowson. "The investigation showed that Davis-Blair was in possession of the debit card when these unauthorized purchases were being made. Also, bank records and a paper trail of checks led to Davis-Blair."

Davis-Blair was an employee of the Boys and Girls Club from April 2009 to June 2010 and responsible for the bookkeeping and buying of supplies at the club. She was arrested before 8 a.m. at the Bryant Police Department where she turned herself in. Davis-Blair was charged with theft of property, a Class B felony, and 10 counts of Forgery second degree, a Class C Felony.

"This is truly a sad case," Crowson said. "No one wins in a case like this. When a person steals from an organization such as the Boys and Girls Club, the true victims are the kids of the Club and the generous donors who support the Boys and Girls Club."

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