Hornets will be 3 or 4 seed for playoffs, host first-round game

The Bryant Hornets will be either the third or fourth seed from the West Conference for[more] the 7A State playoffs depending on the result from their game at El Dorado and Springdale Har-Ber’s game against crosstown rival Springdale.

Either way, the Hornets could still be matched up against any one of four teams in the first round of the playoffs. They will host on Friday, Nov. 9.

Walter Woodie, who helps the Arkansas Activities Association by providing standings, points ratings and tie-breaking scenarios for the coaches and media round the state, put together the following synopsis of the post-season. Current ratings points and standings follow.

Please remember in Class 6A that the power rankings come first, not conference standings. Head-to-head comes into play when teams are tied in the power ratings.

In 7A, conference standings first decided where teams in that conference are before being blended with the teams from the other conference. I have added the tiebreaker rules for 7A and 6A

Here we go:

7A-West – Bentonville and Fayetteville (both 6-0) will play for the top 1-2 seeds. Winner is the 1 seed, loser the 2 seed. Both teams get 1st round byes. Har-Ber and Bryant are battling for the 3-4 seeds. The Hornets are the 3 seed with a win or a Har-Ber loss while the Wildcats can be 3rd with a win and a Bryant loss. Rogers and Rogers Heritage are both in and will play for the 5-6 seeds with the winner is fifth, loser sixth.

7A-Central – North Little Rock has clinched the 1 seed while FS Southside has the 2 seed, both earning 1st round byes. Conway is in and is the 3rd seed with a win over Catholic or West Memphis loss. West Memphis, Cabot, LR Central and FS Northside are battling for the final 3 spots. West Memphis is the fourth seed with a win over Mountain Home (There is still a slim chance that the Blue Devils could be the 3 seed, but Conway has to lose to Catholic and several other games have to flip right for WMHS). West Memphis has tiebreakers over Central and Cabot and should have enough points to stay ahead of Northside. After that, scenarios get tricky because so many games affect the last two spots (or three is West Memphis loses). Cabot hosts Searcy, Central travels to North Little Rock and Northside hosts Southside. Also, Central has the tiebreaker over Cabot if the teams are tied. The only way West Memphis is eliminated is if the Blue Devils lose and the other three wins.

6A-East – Greenwood is the 1 seed. Jonesboro is the 2 seed with a win, but Searcy and Russellville could overtake the Hurricanes with wins. Jonesboro hosts Marion, Russellville hosts Greenwood and Searcy travels to Cabot. Marion could clinch the fifth seed with a win over JBR, but a loss and the Parkview/Hall winner would be tied and tiebreaker would decide the 5-6 seeds. If Mountain Home loses to West Memphis, then the Bombers would be tied with the Parkview/Hall loser for the 7-8 seeds and tiebreakers would have to be used. A Mountain Home win, however, could vault them to the 5-6 seeds.

6A-South – Pine Bluff is the 1 seed, El Dorado is the 2 seed and Lake Hamilton is the third seed. After that, things get a little tricky. Sheridan travels to Texarkana with a chance to be the 4th seed with a win. If Texarkana wins, then Benton can be the fourth seed with a win at Pine Bluff. Should Benton lose and Texarkana beats Sheridan, then there will be a 3-way tie for fourth and time to go to the 6A tiebreaker. If Texarkana loses, then it will be between the Hogs and Siloam Springs for the 6-7 seeds. LR Fair looks to be the 8th seed, but an upset could move them up a spot if Siloam Springs and/or Texarkana loses.


2012 Ratings

Team Points

Bentonville 77

Fayetteville 77

Bryant 58

Springdale Har-Ber 49

Rogers Heritage 34

Rogers 34

Springdale 21

Van Buren 0



2012 Ratings

Team Points

North Little Rock 87

FS Southside 62

Conway 48

West Memphis 39

Cabot 35

LR Central 35

FS Northside 33

LR Catholic 20



Conf Ovl

Pine Bluff 6-0 8-1

Bryant 5-1 7-2

El Dorado 5-1 6-3

Lake Hamilton 3-3 5-4

Benton 2-4 3-6

Sheridan 2-4 3-6

Texarkana 1-5 2-7

Little Rock Fair 0-6 0-9

Thursday, Nov. 1

Benton at Pine Bluff

Little Rock Fair at Lake Hamilton

Sheridan at Texarkana

Friday, Nov. 2

Bryant at El Dorado



2012 standings

Conf Ovl

Bentonville 6-0 9-0

Fayetteville 6-0 7-2

Springdale Har-Ber 4-2 5-4

Rogers 3-3 6-3

Rogers Heritage 3-3 6-3

Springdale 2-4 4-5

Siloam Springs 0-6 1-8

Van Buren 0-6 1-8

Friday, Nov. 2

Fayetteville at Bentonville

Springdale at Springdale Har-Ber

Rogers at Rogers Heritage

Van Buren at Siloam Springs



2012 Standings 

Conf Ovl

Greenwood 6-0 9-0

FS Southside 5-1 6-3

Conway 4-2 6-2

Russellville 4-2 6-3

FS Northside 3-3 3-6

LR Catholic 2-4 2-7

LR Parkview 0-6 2-6

LR Hall 0-6 0-8

Thursday, Nov. 1

LR Catholic at Conway

LR Hall at LR Parkview

Friday, Nov. 2

FS Southside at FS Northside

Greenwood at Russellville



2012 standings

Conf Ovl

North Little Rock 6-0 8-1

Jonesboro 4-2 6-2

Searcy 4-2 5-4

West Memphis 3-3 6-3

Cabot 3-3 5-4

LR Central 3-3 4-5

Marion 1-5 2-7

Mountain Home 0-6 1-8

Thursday, Nov. 1

Searcy at Cabot

Marion at Jonesboro

LR Central at North Little Rock

Mountain Home at West Memphis



Team Points

Pine Bluff 78

El Dorado 58

Lake Hamilton 37

Sheridan 24

Benton 23

Siloam Springs 12

Texarkana 12

Little Rock Fair 2



Team Points

Greenwood 82

Jonesboro 58

Russellville 53

Searcy 53

Marion 18

Little Rock Hall 8

Little Rock Parkview 8

Mountain Home 6

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