Mayor to suggest name for new Raymar extension to Highway 5

By Martin Couch

Change has become a definite part of Bryant in the past two years and beyond and, according[more] to Bryant Mayor Jill Dabbs, is continuing on an upward rise.

Dabbs has announced that she will soon make a suggestion to the city's aldermen to change the signage for Raymar Road west to the newer name, Bryant Boulevard.

"The street department is considering what the best name for the new street should be," Dabbs said.

The street will be connecting the overpass to Arkansas Highway 5.

"Bryant already has a Raymar and it also connects to the overpass from the southeast," Dabbs said. "The new street runs north and south between Highway 5 and the overpass. The land surrounding this street will be developed someday and will be a significant part of Bryant and we have an opportunity to brand our city for economic development.

"We should take advantage, insuring we provide the best in future job creation, quality of life and making the best mark we can in the center of Arkansas," she added.

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