New members take their place on the Bryant School Board

By Jamie Miller

The Bryant School Board grew by two this month with the addition of Michael Daly and Michael Ferguson,[more] bringing the school board to a total of seven members. It’s a result of the 2010 census in the Bryant District that required two additional at-large members.

In addition, term drawings were drawn in accordance with State law to determine the length of terms that each member will serve. Joe Wishard will serve a two-year term, Rhonda Sanders will serve a five-year term, Sandra Porter will serve a five-year term, David Moore will serve one year, Scott Hart will serve three years, Michael Ferguson will serve three years and Michael Daly will serve four years. Hart was voted to serve currently as president, Porter vice president, Wishard secretary, and Moore Disbursement Officer.

The construction continues to be finalized across the district and specifically at the new high school building and Hill Farm Elementary. As a result, the district currently has an outstanding balance of close to $2 million on the construction projects that will be wrapped up in the near future. All of the small, cosmetic updates and finishes should be completed in the next 30 days at the high school.

A 90-day line of credit was presented by Business Manager Richard Stipe due to the timing of the revenues and expenditures for the 2012-13 school year. The line of credit, in the amount of $4 million, will be used for cash flow purposes and will be closed out once enough revenues come in to cover it. The district is not past due on any bills, according to Stipe and the line of credit was approved.

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